Friday, May 11, 2012

Le Soin Noir by Givenchy

Hi ladies!

Another luxurious item I'm going to share today. Le Soin Noir details provided by


- An intense and intriguing black hue that vanishes on contact with the skin
- An exceptional, sumptuous experience that defines a luxury cream
- Leaves skin radiant, clear, and refreshed
GIVENCHY creates LE SOIN NOIR, a stunning marvel with a fascinating black hue, harvested from the sea and from one of its most precious anti-aging molecular treasures.
Vital Black Algae Sap Concentrate is found in the depths of the ocean and reconstructs a catalyst in the skin to counteract the signs of aging. Vital Black Algae Sap Concentrate exclusively contains these precious black molecules that are extremely rich in vital fatty acids.
Apply it in the morning and night to form a rich barrier that protects against the signs of aging caused by environmental forces and natural aging.

It was impeccable. From the first time I lay my eyes on them , it's like a thick black jelly that promises a real goodness for your skin, pampering in a way that it will enhance our beauty and glow in the same time. Aging? Fret no more.

Clean your face thoroughly and tone it. Use the serum of your choice and get ready for Le Soin Noir.

I dab it on several spots on my face and well, they are black indeed. This is my nude skin, shared for your convenience ^__^

The black jelly texture felt really thick and look there are sparkles there, like if you dive deep into the oceans and found some gooey things that glows with minerals and every goodness it had. And the smell, Ooh! Givenchy is serious in fragrance alright all their skincare and cosmetics smells divine.

Now after enjoying the texture and scent, I spread it on my face, it was a bit thick but I still manage to blend it into my skin and it become transparent and

Look at me! My skin is instantly glowing, hydrated and brighter in the same time. Will I continue using it? I'm sane, so YES, indeed ^__^

Conclusion: You might want to get used to the thick gel texture, but other than that, with all the fragrance and ability to revitalize, hydrate and literally made your skin more alive and beautiful, you'll love it!

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  1. Ya ampun! Aku kira tadi ini gelliner.. lol.. :D