Monday, May 21, 2012

Kiehl's Cryste Marine Firming Cream

Hi all!

Today's gonna be lots and lots of new posts coming up, products are everywhere and I thank companies for keep giving me ^__^ so I can keep reviewing heehee.

Now, the products I'm going to review is from my favorite brand: Kiehl's. It is a firming cream named Cryste Marine Firming Cream. here's some details from

Cryste Marine Firming Cream

Lift, rejuvenate, and firm skin with unique marine extracts.

•Rejuvenating cream made with a naturally-derived botanical, Criste Marine, to leave skin feeling firmer and smoother, with a luminous and youthful appearance.

•The unusual Criste Marine flower is known to boost cell renewal for a supple skin effect.
•This hydrating formula improves skin elasticity and resilience while helping skin reveal its natural radiance.
•Fine lines and wrinkles are visibly softened. 
Cool Kiehl’s Fact: The Criste Marine flower grows on rock formations aside the Mediterranean Sea and is known for its unique ability to boost cell renewal for a supple skin effect

Even though the original packaging is greenish blue, I see that the product inside is a white slightly thick cream. I kinda opt for that greenish blue, I'm like a kid who like blue ice cream just because of it's color XD

Even thou' the texture seems rich, they unbelievably so easy in terms of absorbed by my skin, they melt beautifully.

 Here's how I use it, on a clean damp skin. Clean as in I just clean it with cleanser and then dry it with towel. Then use a toner followed by serum. So my skin is damp, you need it, since damp skin distribute moisturizer better that dry skin. As seen on the pictures, I spread it in certain movement to help with the firming of the skin. Move it outward direction against the gravitation. I feel an instant tightness on the skin and I like it.

 Of course this product wont do an instant 180 degree firming ability in one application, so my review is only based on 3 days continuous usage of the sample given, I think it's gonna be in my wish list, love it!

I'm using a different brand serum now that help the dark spots disappears and Cryste Marine Firming Cream with it's ability to skin cell renewal also help me achieving a better skin complexion. And the hydration? I'm indulging it now! Oily skin? fret not, since the hydration is easily absorbed you wont have leftovers on your skin, makeup can glide on easily and stay put. I give it 5 out of 5 stars! Perfect score! Use anytime (day or night) and enjoy the result.

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