Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Honeymania Body Scrub and Butter by The Body Shop

Hi lovelies,

I've bet if you're The Body Shop fans, you already knew the new range happening in their store right now, it's Honeymania!!

Just by looking at the dripping honey already made me drool. They look so good and promising. The questions raised inside my head, about the smell, the oozing stickiness, the benefits and mostly about the texture and how it feel on the skin plus the effect too. And they also comes in EDT haha! Ever imagine using honey as a body spray?


So when The Body Shop Indonesia sent me these two lovely items, I'm ON it the minute these babies walk through the door, and the first immediate response is I'm gonna love them.


Made for dry skin, these two items are the Body Scrub and Body Butter.

Details on Body Scrub

This exfoliating body scrub has a rich, floral scent. Each pot contains Community Fair Trade honey made from the nectar of thousands of wildflowers. It gently sweeps away dead skin cells to leave skin feeling silky soft.
  • Lifts away dead skin cells
  • Helps stimulate skin surface microcirculation
  • Leaves skin feeling softer and smoother
  • Rich, floral scent

  • Details on Body Butter:

    This luxurious Body Butter has a rich, floral scent. Each pot contains Community Fair Trade honey made from the nectar of thousands of wildflowers. Dip in for skin that feels silky soft.
  • 24-hour hydration
  • Leaves skin feeling softer and smoother
  • Buttery texture
  • Rich, floral scent

  • -*-

    On the backside they also provided enough details and I couldn't missed the bee on the code.

    Like usual, The Body Shop do a community fair trade in collecting their ingredients. I hope one day, Indonesia can contribute to one of the ingredients and have it specially made from Indonesia to the world.


    They both come in a price of Rp.229.000. The whole collection has a varied price accordingly with the Honey Soap (bar with a shape of a single beehive) being the cheapest.


    And here's the part where I want to share the most, the smell is amazing, comforting, luxurious, rich and like a decadent of honey. Beautiful, fresh, not overly sweet but very tempting in so many ways. The texture of each product made accordingly.


    The scrub contain tiny beads that feels good on the skin and creamy, the body butter is slippery smooth and ohh gosh, felt so buttery, rich and pampering the skin so well. Those with dry skin will definitely enjoys the product and pregnant lady can use it to help ease the skin during 'expanding' phase. The body butter create a layer of moisturizing effect and made the skin more flexible (at least in my case) so the marks become less obvious and no itchiness due to the dryness.


    Here are the ingredients, above is the body scrub and below is the body butter.

    The representative from The Body Shop already assured me their products are safe for pregnant women as well.


    Below is the texture of the scrub, tiny beads to help the micro-circulation and smells good too ^__^ heehee I really love their smell so much. The skin become soft and pampered thanks to the ingredients in it and beneficial nourishment.

    The Body Butter helps the skin to stay moist longer than lotion, like 24 hour (literally the whole day) or more. And the sweet honey aroma? Smelling good never been this indulging.


    Thank you so much The Body Shop Indonesia.

    Jell Check

    Hey everybody,

    unlike other topics in this blog (which is beauty) I want to share another side of beauty, the beauty of a perfect set of teeth, especially for the kids.

    The thing is how can we never fully sure whether they brush their teeth correctly, spotless and leave no plaques behind (hey, even we can't be certain). So we need something to help them check, in a fun, and interesting way. By marking the plaques.


    This is a Jell Check, a product from

    They come in three flavor: Melon, strawberry and grape. Ours is strawberry. This is a gel for brushing the teeth and a plaque checker in one. The stain caused by the product will stay on the places where plaques are. So, kids will just have to re-brush the area marked. For us, it's been a real help, since now we can be fully sure that the job's done nicely.

    The color of our gel is bright pink, (like in the image below), the gel will glide nicely on the teeth, but stays vividly on places where there are plaques.


    How we use it?
    Brush the teeth nicely and making sure they are clean, after rinsing and finished, applied the gel all over the teeth using cotton bud, wait for a while (a minute or two is enough) and see where the colors stays the most or concentrating. Brush that area again and rinse again.

    Why we love it?
    The cute design and packaging, the cute colorful gel that the kids like, the flavor (for the kids) and the safe ingredients inside plus xylitol too.

    Let me know if you're interested in ordering, the price is around Rp. 115.000 per tube (excluding delivery cost).

    Thank you.

    Hadabisei Acne Care White Mask

    Hey there!!!

    Been pregnant means prone to hormonal changes and sometime it includes acne. Even thou they rarely pop up before but during these times it seems like they are there and always on the same area, under the mouth. Constantly there, taking their turn, making sure I've never run out of acne. It was annoying. Some ingredients are not advisable to be used during pregnancy so, I stick to the 'safe' zone. Maintain cleanliness and use mask like Hadabisei Acne Care White Mask.


    Contain ingredient that help eliminate acne and without the obvious ingredients that needed to be stay cleared from.

    How to use the mask?
    Clean the face thoroughly, put it on around 15 minutes and rinse if necessary (which I didn't).


    The paper mask has a decent quality, not rough but not cottony soft, so it feels kinda basic in terms of good quality. There is almost no scent noticeable and for me the low point is the dryness, it is not moist enough to stick around for the next 15 minutes.


    I may suggest the user to stay still and not moving around while using the  mask to keep it still. It fell off a few times when I was walking.

    After 15 minutes I discard the mask and continue with moisturizer. On the next day, the acne are reducing by far, at least until new ones come days later. Still, I found the mask to be quite effective and perhaps when used regularly may reduce the recurrent acne and help clears out the acne marks.

    Thank you Hadabisei from Kracie Indonesia.

    Tuesday, March 25, 2014

    Lollipops Glossy Lipstick in Milkshake Baby

    Hello lovelies!!!

    Who loves lip gloss? I do!!! They do make the lips looks juiciliciously interesting and tempting too. I know for sure in Indonesia the brand Lollipops hasn't really establish a name but for me they do. I've been trying their items recently thanks to Beauty Box Indonesia and this is one of my favorite items and has been gaining raves from beauty enthusiast.

    The Glossy Lipstick. 
    “Kiss My lips”
    More than a lipstick, a glossy lipstick! The more coatings you put on your nails, the more intense is the colour. It is perfectly easy to apply and will bring softness and comfort to your lips. The texture is light, brilliant and slightly shimmery, wearable on every occasion.


    • Demi-Gloss, wet effect with light sparkling pearls
    • Long lasting
    • Emollient action
    • Paraben and Lanoline Free


    Alongside of the lipstick is a perfume, eyeliner and mascara, in which all of them have been reviewed on my blog ^__^

    So I'm kinda save the best for last. In terms of favoritism.

    The lipstick itself comes in many choices of colors, 8 to be exact, mine is Strawberry or Milkshake Baby.


    The packaging is sleek and looks cool, the velvety exterior is unique when touched and feels exclusive. I love the color so much, it was a bright pink, brave and bold. A color that will surely brighten up any day and night.


    The feeling on the skin is buttery, smooth and so soft with silkiness, the shine is just lovely, these images do them unjust! In real life the color is so vivid and shines beautifully.  I don't need to use any other product on the lips, this lipstick alone provide coverage, shines, glossiness and color in a go.

    Wow! I found my must have lippy of all times now.



    A beautiful product that delivers result like items worth twice their price.

    Lolabox March 2014 Edition

    Hello beauty addicts!!

    It's time for LolaBox, this month edition is colorful and a bit here and there. Let's examine start from the box shall we?!


    Simple and attractive like usual, inside there are greetings card and promos as well. The card enlisted all the products inside the packaging, from Crazy Rumors, L'Oreal, Shobi, Skin 79 and Hadalabo.


    Hmm, I guess there is a familiar product inside the March 2014 edition.


    One of the highlight of this month beauty box is the Crazy Rumors, mine is in Gingerbread (oohh yums), this 100% natural lip balm with moisturizing shea butter feels so good on the lips. The smell of gingerbread is lingering, they also comes in other flavors such as Red Velvet, Star Anise, Spiced Chai, Bubble Gum, Coffee Bean and many more.

    Here's the ingredients (

    100% All Natural, Cruelty - Free & Vegan (the good stuff)

    Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Macadamia Seed Oil, Certified Organic Shea Butter, Candelilla Wax, Soy Wax, Jojoba Oil, Carnauba Wax, Natural & Organic Flavors and/or Pure Essential Oils, Vitamin E, Natural Stevia


    And one more thing, Shobi!!!!!


    I could never resist eyelashes ^__^ they make the eyes looks so pretty, unique and definitely catches some attention.

    Beside those two I think the rest of the items inside the box is a bit dull and too common, I wish to see more variations and surprises.


    Stay tune as I'll share more reviews per items.

    Thank you Lolabox.

    Hadabisei Eye Zone Mask

    Hello lovelies!!!

    On these hot days masks are my friends, they keep my skin cool and I do need the nutrients contained inside them as well. One of the area often neglected (at least by me) is the eye zone. There are masks made for the eyes out there alright, but some are not really comfortable nor effective, plus pricey too, a good eye mask may cost more than the whole face mask for sure. Why? The eyes area are considered sensitive and in desperate need of more help due to the thinness and fragility, ingredients out on must be measured correctly and safe for the eyes, since frankly some may still ended up getting inside the eyes.

    Today, I'm going to share a review for one of Kracie's product, Hadabisei collection called Eye Zone Mask with collagen and ceramide. We know collagen as it is one of the ingredients existed in our own natural system that helps the skin to stay young and firm, now ceramide is available to keep the skin moist. So ceramide help held the hydration intact on the skin. For those suffering with dry skin, even thou they have been drinking plenty of waters throughout the day and using hydrating moisturizer, they need the ones that contain ceramide to 'bind' the waters on the skin.


    In one packaging contain a set of eye mask for 1 usage. The pink exterior is pretty and too simple, I wish they made one in the shape of the eyes or perhaps more 'juicy'.


    The backside of the packaging provide enough details needed, from how to use (clean the area and put the mask on for 10-15 minutes, remove when finished or rinse off if necessary), ingredients and precautions too.

    I immediately opened the wrapping and found the mask in messy condition, there are a plastic container but it didn't hold them up so I have to grab it loosely inside the packaging.

    The jelly eye masks are so cute and delightful, like putting on actual jelly on the skin, gooey, clear and wriggly.


    When watch closely the clear jelly seems to have some grids on it and a few tiny bubbles, oh I handle it with so much care since they seems to break anytime. A bit sticky when fold together, since they are not properly stored in the container, please do unfold them gently to avoid tearing. No scent or aroma noticed.


    On above image is my before look. There are visible fine lines (obviously).

    The skin are cleaned and ready for the masks.


    I put on the mask and love how it feel on the skin, cool and comforting, the jelly snug right into their places under the eyes. I put it on for 15 minutes or so. Actually I don't mind putting them on longer. On most cases, I like to remove the mask earlier than the designated time, but Hadabisei Eye Zone Mask feels so good against the skin.


    Ta da!! This is my after mask look. The fine lines are reducing. I really enjoy the process and result as well. So far I think this is the best eye mask in terms of texture, feeling on the skin, result and price too.

    Thank you Kracie Indonesia.

    Kiehl's Aromatic Blends Patchouli & Fresh Rose Fragranced Body Lotion

    Hello everyone!!

    It is good to be writing again, since I've spent so many days reading romantic novels provided by Wenny :D

    Well, all good things in this temporary world have to end some time.... Oh Mr.Grey.

    Now, back to reality and reviewing, this is one of my favorite brand, called Kiehl's. They launched their Aromatic Blends a year ago and recently comes with a new variant of patchouli & fresh rose.


    Aromatic Blends: Patchouli & Fresh Rose - Hand & Body Lotion

    A skin-softening hand and body lotion
    • Indulge skin in 24 hours of hydration and soothing nourishment without silicones.
    • Formulated with squalene, shea butter and botanical oils to ensure skin is nourished from the inside – out.

    • Refreshingly clean and vibrant woodiness with a slightly sweet edge, sustainably harvested and sourced in Brazil
    • A complex and fresh petal-like Rose Centifolia aroma, remakably close to the actual rose flower

    A simple lotion to be used after shower or anytime you want it, with nourishment from squalane, shea butter and botanical oils with aromatic blends added, I like the combination of the woodiness and rosy scent. It's still fresh despite of most roses that comes in musty after effect. The white lotion feels not too light yet not heavy either, it's still in the 'lotion world'.

    Once applied the lotion still felt a bit on the skin, so I wont say they gave me a completely absorbed and velvety feeling. But not yet sticky and not yet greasy. Like you can feel that the lotion is 'there' but they don't go overboard. The lotion does stay almost 24 hours on my slightly dry skin condition but the scent last up to 4-6 hours only.

    The scent is perfect for those who like rose and patchouli, when used with the shower gel and perfume, before and after, the scent will last the whole day.

    Conclusion: A simple product that delivers result for a pampered coated skin with nourishment and fragrance.

    Thank you Kiehl's Indonesia.

    Thursday, March 20, 2014

    Lollipops Eye Pencil and Mascara Volume

    Hello lovelies,

    I'm back with Lollipops Cosmetics (available at Beauty Box Indonesia. They send me some products and here's two of them, the eye pencil and mascara. Here are the details and images.


    All details are from:
    “Close your eyes, go dancing!”

    This retractable pencil releases a metallic and shiny colour and a nice long-lasting texture.
    • A pearly and long lasting texture (thanks to volatile silicones)
    • Precise line thanks to a retractable pencil, no need to sharpen
    • Vitamin E with anti-aging and anti-radical action.
    • Preservative free
    The pencil needs no sharpening (which made my life easier) and glide smoothly on the eyes providing the most vivid black color ever. The product itself comes in 4 shades.


    « My very black trip »
    A black mascara to hypnotize your prey !


    • Lengthening & Volume formula,
    • Provitamine B5 to nourish and protect your prey
    and here's the mascara.


    Comes in only 1 shade, black, my very black trip. The brush is a bit sharp when touches the skin, the dark color is pleasing and sought after. I like the intense black color and volume adding properties. The texture is nice and in between gel and creamy with no clumps found.


    The eye pencil needs time to set and preferably at a cool dry environment, if not, it will looks like mine above, messy and the warmness literally smudge everything off. Same goes with the mascara. So they aren't categorized in the waterproof department for sure.


    I like the difference they made, the eyes looks more intense, bigger and more interesting. Seductive in a way.


    A little makeup really is goes along the way.

    Stay tune as I'll share more looks using these babies from Lollipops.

    Thank you Beauty Box Indonesia.

    Sulwhasoo Holiday Travel Set (Gentle Cleansing Oil, First Care Activating Serum, and Essential Firming Cream)

    Hello everybody,

    from my recent encounter with Sulwhasoo, they handed me a travel set consist of cleansing oil, first care activating serum, and a firming moisturizer.


    Packed nicely, the series is enough for a couple of weeks usage. I'm starting with the Gentle Cleansing Oil (all details given provided by:

    A cleansing oil that gently removes makeup residue and impurities from the skin.  White Birch promotes the skin's natural circulation and turnover cycle to restore healthy glow to the skin.

    Before wetting your hands, pump Cleansing Oil twice onto your palm and massage your forehead, nose, and cheeks in a circular motion, melting away all makeup residue and impurities. When makeup residues and impurities are melted down, rinse off with lukewarm water.

    The clear oil doesn't feel light but not really on the heavy zone, it removes all impurities like makeup and daily debris. When used as a makeup remover a double cleanser is needed (like a foaming facial wash), but as I uses it as a daily cleanser to remover daily sebum and debris, I don't feel the needs to double cleanse. The gentle cleansing oil is wonderful and smells full of Korean herbs. Pleasing the senses from the nose to the skin. The after feeling is a soft clean skin.


    Continuing the routine with first care activating serum. The one that said to be their best seller.

    Formulated to replenish essential moisture and nutrients and to boost the effect of every subsequent treatment. Milk-vetch, licorice, and dwarf lilyturf work synergistically to optimize the Korean herbal ingredients in the complete collection while deeply hydrating.

    Apply morning and evening over cleansed face, spreading evenly with fingertips. Gently wrap the face with both hands for better absorption.

    Why is it a best seller? It helps the skin to be fully ready accepting the next thing applied on the skin. Almost every brand are struggling on how to prepare the skin so they can absorbed the nutrients and nourishment from the precious ingredients prepared. Most of them are known as toner, lotion, softener, etc. So far, the First Care Activating Serum wins. The brownish clear almost gel-like liquid is amazing.

    The feeling is comfortable on the skin, the product absorbed on the skin leaving no trails behind, another Korean herbs scent is felt, something feel medicinal here.


    And the best part of using the first care activating serum is the product that I'm using next can be absorbed better, in this case, it's essential firming cream.

    Restore elasticity and tone with this firming cream, blended with potent Korean medicinal herbs to instantly firm and tone slackened skin while stimulating collagen for long-term lift. Adlay millet detoxify and promotes elasticity while contouring. Pomegranate, green tea, and gingko fight free radicals to maintain youthful radiance.

    The cream feels and looks so rich, white and beautiful. Again, the medicinal scent from Korean herbs, but for me, somehow they all smells good and comforting, even if ones dislike the scents, it will go away almost immediately.

    Now, the problem with most firming cream is how rich and clingy they are. Thanks to the first care activating serum the cream glides easily on the skin and penetrates better, leaving no traces behind, no greasy, discomfort or like most creams do, creamy feeling that attracting many dirt and create a slightly oily feeling.

    The combination between first care activating serum and the firming cream is wonderful and I can see why the serum is loved so much.


    I do noticed the big differences when used together or alone, they are best used together and with the rest of the series.


    Thank you Sulwhasoo Indonesia.

    Tuesday, March 18, 2014

    Kiehl's Men Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer

    Hello everyone,

    this particular item is made for men, available at Kiehl's and on man's department.


    Details from

    Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer

    A lightweight, cooling eye stick that minimizes puffiness.
    • Convenient and portable packaging
    • Glides on easily for an instant cooling effect
    • A customer favorite

    I do must say, they always have the most interesting products in the store, the de-puffer. Just by saying the name stirs me up, I do have a tendency of getting puffy eyes nowadays and ever :D sleep has been a privilege isn't it?! Why men have all the fun, it's sharing time.

    Even thou' it's my husband who uses the product regularly, I do use it as well when I needed it. The immediate cooling effect is delightful and unique.


    As in the visible immediate effect may be seen below:


    For me the puffiness reduced and the eyes looked refreshed. The de-puffer can be used anytime but I do feels a bit tingling after a few minutes or so when using it.

    Thank you Kiehl's Indonesia.

    Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner and Purifying Cleansing Foaming Gel

    Hello lovelies,

    another product from France, oh la la, it seems like they are getting more and more raves on my blog. Not just the standard from Europe itself that already banned paraben to be used at all in beauty  products but it seems like in almost any angle, they want to get ahead.

    Bioderma is one of the brand from France. Developed to be friendly to the skin without disturbing their natural condition.

    The Sensibio H20 has been a winner and raves by beauty enthusiast, now, it's time we look at their Sebium collection.

    Now, let's see what they have in mind when creating the range:



    Kulit kusam
    Tekstur kasar
    Wajah mengkilap & lengket
    Pori-pori besar

    Sébium Pore Refiner

    Kulit segar, bersih dan lembut

    Bila pori-pori kulit wajah lebih kecil, maka kulit akan menjadi lebih halus, bercahaya dan lembut.

    Sébium Pore Refiner

    Mengecilkan seketika pori-pori yang membesar dan merawatnya dari waktu ke waktu.

    Apa yang anda ketahui tentang kulit berminyak ?

    LATAR BELAKANG                                                                                                       
    Bertolak belakang dari apa yang dipercaya umum, bahwa jenis kulit berminyak hanya saat masa puber. Pada kenyataanya orang dewasa berusia 30an atau bahkan lebih juga dapat mengalaminya.
    Dipengaruhi dari berbagai faktor seperti polusi, diet, faktor genetik dan hormonal, masalah pori-pori yang membesar, semua terjadi karena produksi sebum. 
    Umumnya di siang hari, daerah T-zone (area dahi dan hidung) lebih mengkilap dan juga pori-pori membesar sehingga tampak kasar (terutama untuk kulit yang masih muda). Saat kita mencapai usia 40an, pori-pori yang membesar tersebut akan menjadi tampak pipih/lonjong terutama di sekitar pipi sejalan dengan kekenyalan kulit yang semakin berkurang.

    Untuk mengatasi masalah pori-pori yang membesar, banyak orang menggunakan make up tebal atau bahkan lebih parah lagi dengan menggunakan produk yang sebenarnya justru membuat kulit semakin kering. 
    Dan cara tersebut sebenarnya tidak mengatasi permasalahan mendasar yang terjadi pada kulit. Apa yang terjadi sesungguhnya, kulit justru mencoba memompa keluar segala produk make up ataupun segala yang diaplikasikan/masuk ke pori-pori kita dan tekanan itu menyebabkan pori-pori semakin membesar.

    Berikut adalah beberapa faktor penyebab : usia, jenis kelamin dan faktor lingkungan seperti paparan sinar matahari dan tingkat polusi yang membuat pori-pori tersumbat dan bertambah besar.
    Saat kulit kita memproduksi sebum, saat itu  juga ada squalene yang merupakan komposisi lemak natural yang berfungsi untuk melembabkan kulit. Namun prosentase squalene yang dihasilkan oleh kulit normal berbeda dengan jenis kulit yang cenderung berminyak.

    Dan bila bersenyawa dengan sel kulit mati yang  seharusnya mengelupas, justru akan menutup pori-pori dan menjadi “lahan” berkembangnya bakteri dan penyebab timbulnya jerawat.


    And these are the products I've received the Purifying Cleansing Foaming Gel and the Pore Refiner.

    Who needs them? Those with combination or oily skin condition, marked by these states:


    Kondisi kulit yang cenderung berminyak
    Kondisi kulit yang sehat/normal
    Sebum mengandung 34% squalene
    Kulit memproduksi dalam jumlah yang sedikit dan hanya mengandung 12-20% squalene
    Kulit memproduksi sebum lebih banyak. Dan saat oksida, sebum berubah menjadi lebih kental dan lebih pekat
    Sebum yang dihasilkan lebih sedikit dan tidak sampai menutupi pori-pori kulit
    Sebum yang menumpuk, bersama dengan sel kulit mati, menyebabkan kotoran tersumbat dalam folikel rambut/bulu
    Sel kulit mati, secara periodik akan mengelupas dengan sendirinya secara alami
    Pori-pori tambah lebih besar sejalan dengan bertambahnya usia. Kulit tampak kasar dan tidak sempurna walaupun mengenakan make up yang tebal. Dan bahkan make up yang digunakan akan tidak merata dan cepat luntur
    Pori-pori kecil dan kulit tampak halus dan tidak mengkilap. Make up mudah merata saat diaplikasikan dan bertahan lama.


    BIODERMA sangat mengerti dan memahami proses alami dan mekanisme biologis kulit serta secara khusus memformulasikan Sébium Pore Refiner untuk jenis kulit berminyak dengan kecenderungan pori-pori yang membesar, secara efektif dan aman dari sisi dermatologis.

    Sébium Pore Refiner memiliki kandungan astringent yang mampu mengecilkan seketika pori-pori yang membesar dan mengurangi produksi sebum yang berlebihan. Dengan paten unik BIODERMA- Fluidactiv®, mencegah pembesaran pori-pori dengan cara menjaga kualitas sebum dan memastikan kondisi senyawa sebum yang tidak terlalu pekat / lengket, dan juga mengurangi resiko tersumbatnya proses pengeluaran sebum (tidak menumpuk di pori-pori kulit).

    Dengan 2 aksi ganda, memastikan pori-pori kulit wajah yang lebih bersih, sehat dan sempurna.


    The cleanser:

    Sébium Cleanser
    1.                Membersihkan secara menyeluruh : formula ini membersihkan kulit secara sempurna dengan cleansing agent yang lembut tanpa membuat kulit terasa kering.
    2.                Perlindungan Anti-Bakterial : membersihkan & melindungi kulit dengan kandungan zinc gluconate + copper sulfate.
    3.                Tidak mengkilap/lengket : karena membantu mengontrol produksi sebum 
    4.                Formula yang lembut & efektif : bebas sabun, tanpa pewarna dan hypoallergenic. Menjamin kualitas sebum dengan adanya Fluidactiv® paten, yang akan mencegah penumpukan sebum dan mengurangi resiko pembesaran pori-pori kulit.


    And the star product, the Pore Refiner:

    Sébium Pore Refiner

    1.       Astringent Care : mengandung ekstrak jamur Formes officinalis yang berfungsi untuk mengecilkan pori-pori dan memperbaiki tekstur kulit
    2.       Anti-Shine Care : untuk mengkoreksi tampilan kulit wajah sehingga tidak mengkilap atau berminyak, dengan bubuk mat yang merupkan kombinasi dari partikel silica dan polymethacrylate
    3.       Kerato-Regulating Care : yang membuat kulit bercahaya dengan kandungan salicylic acid yang dihasilkan dari ekstrak pohon white willow (Salix alba) yang mencegah penumpukan sebum dan mengelupaskan sel kulit mati di permukaan kulit
    4.       Formula yang lembut dan efektif : karena memastikan kualitas sebum dengan adanya paten Fluidactiv® ,yang mencegah sebum terlalu pekat dan mengurangi resiko pori-pori yang membesar.

    STAR product

    Cara penggunaan:
    Gunakan pagi dan/atau di malam hari sebelum pelembab.
    Dapat digunakan di seluruh wajah (untuk yang memiliki jenis kuit berminyak) atau di sekitar T-zone untuk jenis kulit kombinasi.
    Kemasan 30ml: Rp 290.000 harga eceran yang diarankan


    The star product is used before the moisturizer. The details on the packaging is limited but suffice, on (behind) top there's the expiration date, where to use it but no details on which order. So, again, the Sebium Pore Refiner is to be used before moisturizer. The box gives enough details on the properties, indications and instructions as well as ingredients. Since it contains SA or Salicylic Acid and I'm pregnant, for now the star product will be used by my husband (thanks, babe!).


    The cleanser (below) is clear blue in color and light gel in texture. Somehow, I always fall for the product in blue ^__^. The details given is enough and in Indonesia, PT. Dermanesia gives us details in Bahasa Indonesia. Basically, it is a foaming gel that helps unclogged the pores and this soap free product also help regulates the sebum quality. So the level of the sebum will become normal (not completely eliminating them).


    Below you may read more.


    You may contact the company and asked for more details on where they are available, price, series available in Indonesia and so on. And Sebium H20 also available in the range.


    Below is the color and texture on each products.

    I've tried them both on my hands and the Foaming Gel on my face too. My husband has tried the Pore Refiner and it does feels fine. The pores immediately tightens and he looks fairer and matter instantly. The product also comfortable to be used by male and female. Don't worry, as soon as possible I'll try the product myself since I need it for my T-zone and help the upper cheeks area near the nose to tightens as the pores looks larger. By using the star product I hope my nostril area have less bacterial activity.


    The Foaming Gel doesn't really foam that much, it does lathered up, on below image, I put a whole pump and this is maximum foam I get. I've tried foamed them up for minutes and well, probably this is the proof of soap-free (kidding). But the cleansing ability is wonderful and suitable for daily use (no makeup). If make up is used it is better to use a makeup remover first (like the Sebium H20) before Foaming Gel.

    The skin feels really clean but not squeaky clean. It's really a wonderful feeling. The skin stays comfortable and light at the same time.


    Even thou' the Foaming Gel will be a match for those with oily skin, the one with combination skin (like me) will definitely still enjoying the product as it normalize the sebum level on the skin and NOT overly controlling.This is a good thing since the skin needs a bit of sebum afterall.

    Thank you Bioderma Indonesia.