Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Jell Check

Hey everybody,

unlike other topics in this blog (which is beauty) I want to share another side of beauty, the beauty of a perfect set of teeth, especially for the kids.

The thing is how can we never fully sure whether they brush their teeth correctly, spotless and leave no plaques behind (hey, even we can't be certain). So we need something to help them check, in a fun, and interesting way. By marking the plaques.


This is a Jell Check, a product from

They come in three flavor: Melon, strawberry and grape. Ours is strawberry. This is a gel for brushing the teeth and a plaque checker in one. The stain caused by the product will stay on the places where plaques are. So, kids will just have to re-brush the area marked. For us, it's been a real help, since now we can be fully sure that the job's done nicely.

The color of our gel is bright pink, (like in the image below), the gel will glide nicely on the teeth, but stays vividly on places where there are plaques.


How we use it?
Brush the teeth nicely and making sure they are clean, after rinsing and finished, applied the gel all over the teeth using cotton bud, wait for a while (a minute or two is enough) and see where the colors stays the most or concentrating. Brush that area again and rinse again.

Why we love it?
The cute design and packaging, the cute colorful gel that the kids like, the flavor (for the kids) and the safe ingredients inside plus xylitol too.

Let me know if you're interested in ordering, the price is around Rp. 115.000 per tube (excluding delivery cost).

Thank you.

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