Monday, March 3, 2014

Biore Body Foam Relaxing Aromatic

Hello lovelies,

this particular brand is actually my favorite brand, they are budget friendly, easy to be used and always comes in many different irresistible variant. Yes, Biore. So, when I'm looking at them at the store, I tend to buy them, but this time, I'm disappoint by the result -__-.


Details from:
Memberikan relaksasi dalam mandi

Memberikan sensasi aroma menenangkan dan rasa lembut pada kulit , formula dengan wangi sensasional "Jasmine Aroma Blend" dan busa lembut melimpah, penuh sensasi menenangkan


I love the scent so much but the drying effect is unbearable, within two days of using the soap, the skin starts to show signs of being too dry. White streaks when scratched and oh,  the skin feels itchy too because of the dry skin condition. Areas affected feels uncomfortable due to the dryness.  I must say, I really can't take it more than 2-3 days of using it. It does clean the skin (really clean) like mentioned on the packaging but I think it also stripped off the skin's natural moisture, is it just me being too sensitive?! I do not know, but I don't think this product works for me in terms of 'caring' the skin.

Pros: Abundant foam and delightful scent
Cons: Dries up my skin too much.

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