Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Hello sweeties!!!

When people mentioned about perfume, a country surely pops up in the mind, France! Oh la la, who couldn't resist a French perfume, they are always amongst the first in terms of trend and creating unique scents.

From famous brands to contemporary, here is JTM You r cute by EVAFLOR.


Details from http://evaflor.net:

Magical and surprising!
An intense bouquet of vanilla, Moon Flower with a hint of R citron.Avec JTM You Cute, you'll fall in love.
  • Note: Lemon
  • Heart note: Apple, Vanilla, Peony, Praline, Moon Flower
  • Base notes: Musk, Cedar, Pommier

Here's my review:

The bottle is cute and simple. Suitable for the young who loves freshness and feminine in the same time. The vanilla is beautiful and smell sweet. The cuteness is felt with the floral scent, the citrus comes afterwards which made this perfume unique and yes, refreshing. So imagine you're somewhere between the softness of vanilla and a hint of lemon with romantic flowers all over, the mixture of all these create layers of aroma that are fun, deliberating and ... cute.

Suitable for those who are young or young at heart. The scent last on me for around 3 hours.

This perfume is available in Indonesia at Beauty Box.

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