Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hadabisei Eye Zone Mask

Hello lovelies!!!

On these hot days masks are my friends, they keep my skin cool and I do need the nutrients contained inside them as well. One of the area often neglected (at least by me) is the eye zone. There are masks made for the eyes out there alright, but some are not really comfortable nor effective, plus pricey too, a good eye mask may cost more than the whole face mask for sure. Why? The eyes area are considered sensitive and in desperate need of more help due to the thinness and fragility, ingredients out on must be measured correctly and safe for the eyes, since frankly some may still ended up getting inside the eyes.

Today, I'm going to share a review for one of Kracie's product, Hadabisei collection called Eye Zone Mask with collagen and ceramide. We know collagen as it is one of the ingredients existed in our own natural system that helps the skin to stay young and firm, now ceramide is available to keep the skin moist. So ceramide help held the hydration intact on the skin. For those suffering with dry skin, even thou they have been drinking plenty of waters throughout the day and using hydrating moisturizer, they need the ones that contain ceramide to 'bind' the waters on the skin.


In one packaging contain a set of eye mask for 1 usage. The pink exterior is pretty and too simple, I wish they made one in the shape of the eyes or perhaps more 'juicy'.


The backside of the packaging provide enough details needed, from how to use (clean the area and put the mask on for 10-15 minutes, remove when finished or rinse off if necessary), ingredients and precautions too.

I immediately opened the wrapping and found the mask in messy condition, there are a plastic container but it didn't hold them up so I have to grab it loosely inside the packaging.

The jelly eye masks are so cute and delightful, like putting on actual jelly on the skin, gooey, clear and wriggly.


When watch closely the clear jelly seems to have some grids on it and a few tiny bubbles, oh I handle it with so much care since they seems to break anytime. A bit sticky when fold together, since they are not properly stored in the container, please do unfold them gently to avoid tearing. No scent or aroma noticed.


On above image is my before look. There are visible fine lines (obviously).

The skin are cleaned and ready for the masks.


I put on the mask and love how it feel on the skin, cool and comforting, the jelly snug right into their places under the eyes. I put it on for 15 minutes or so. Actually I don't mind putting them on longer. On most cases, I like to remove the mask earlier than the designated time, but Hadabisei Eye Zone Mask feels so good against the skin.


Ta da!! This is my after mask look. The fine lines are reducing. I really enjoy the process and result as well. So far I think this is the best eye mask in terms of texture, feeling on the skin, result and price too.

Thank you Kracie Indonesia.

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