Monday, March 3, 2014

Matrix Sensoria Care (Refreshing Spa Cream Bath) in Fresh Mint

Hi everyone!!

It's been hot or what?! I feel like 3x a day taking a shower is definitely not enough, it is so hooottt, I'm melting as I'm writing my post right now. And it took this heat as well for me to look for a minty products nicely tugged inside my bathroom, heehee, hi Matrix, how are you?! Yes, rainy season has finally over, no more chilly morning, more like throbbing sunshine.

The Fresh Mint moments has finally arrived. We've been using it for a week now, we? Everyone in my family want some minty action too.


Product Description

Dengan formula creambath yang menyegarkan, diperkaya dengan ekstrak mint, membantu menghidupkan kembali rambut dan kulit kepala dengan sensasi dingin. Manjakan klien dengan aroma menyegarkan dan tekstur lembut yang kaya untuk perawatan intens dan relaksasi.

As the product is only available at the salons with Matrix product and with an acupressure treatment of which I could not do it my self, this review is based only on the product and our personal massaging ability.

First, we cleaned the hair with shampoo, nothing different than other masking / creambath procedure. Toweled dry (no need to be too dry) then use the mask appropriately according to one's hair length and needs. The minty colored mask is no different in terms of texture with other creambath creamy cream, not too heavy, not too light, just right.

Then the pleasing aroma, the sensation on the scalp and like 5-10 minutes later, the mint will start kicking in, wow! I need this cooling freshness everyday. I tucked the hair in using a shower cap and let it sit for 20-30 minutes. It was really cold at this stage, only on the area applied. Then after waiting period is over and I feel alive again, I rinse it off with mildly warm water. The sensation on the head alone has cooled off the whole body. Bonus part, the hair become shinier, a bit more silkier and smells like Fresh Mint for the whole day.

Thank you Matrix Indonesia.

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