Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Shizengokochi Facial Soap (Green Tea)

Hello everyone,

it's back to rainy days lately and I kinda need one since the heat bring me nothing but prickly heat. So, the face has more sebum and sweat mixing together, and that's not nice. A good cleanser is always needed. Talking about good cleanser, one product has been sent to me, called Shizengokochi Facial Soap.

  • Nowadays, the used of Facial Bar Soap is the first option in Japan because it didn't use any chemical process and it's safe for facial
  • Contains seven elements of natural treatments, left fresh and smooth sensation, and also keep the skin moisture.
    1. Natural green tea extract
    2. Natural hyaluronic acid
    3. Natural collagen
    4. Natural jojoba oil
    5. Natural althea essence
    6. Natural ceramide derivative
    7. Natural olive squalane
  • Has the relaxing green tea fragrance
  • Lather up net is including. Put the soap into the net, and make a plenty of foam in shortly

Wow, so all of those natural ingredients better be good and it's time to try and test the product.


Unlike any other cleansing foam, it doesn't come from a tube, it's not a creamy paste, gel or anything liquid. It's a solid bar. A green solid bar with a lovely scent of green tea.


The product lathers up easily, the foaming net is provided, it is a simple product, just lather up and use the foam to clean the skin. The foam as in NOT the net please, the net is there only to help you lather up and get that lovely almost dense foam.

Apply the abundant foam on a wet face, gently massage the skin in circular motion with the foam until the whole area is covered and get it's turn. Pay attention on areas such as nose and it's surrounding.


The result is a clean skin that feels a bit tight at first but after being dried the skin feels relaxed and comfortably clean. Proceed with toner, serum/essence, and moisturizer.

If you're wearing making, use a makeup remover prior using Shizengokochi Facial Soap, so use this soap after removing the makeup and as a double cleanser.

Shizengokochi comes in two variant, green tea and charcoal, so far I like the green tea one (since it is the only variant I've tried heehee).

Thank you Cow Style Indonesia.

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