Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Menard Lisciare Travel Kit Moist

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I'm back with Menard as they've shared more travel kit products called Lisciare. Since it is only a travel kit, there's no way I can do an in depth review, hence, this post solely on experience of using the products .... while it last (max 4 days).


Here are the items, they are used 2 times a day (like any other skincare routine). It consist of Cleansing Cream, Washing Cream, Massage Cream, Lotion, Milk Lotion and Cream.

Here are the details from:



A skin care series that creates a firm and elastic skin texture that fills with moisture by increasing the water density of the skin.

Key Ingredients


Scented with a subtle fragrance with purely fresh, clear, and sophisticated notes.

Recommended For

  • Those who want to obtain bright and translucent skin.
  • Those who want to obtain sufficient moisture and retain suppleness of the skin.

You may read more details on their official website, while I'll share from a personal usage point of view.

The pinkish packaging is cute, very cute, okay, I'm a softy in terms of pastel packaging, they looks really interesting. Baby blue, milky pink, cloudy yellow and other pastel is just pretty.

Now, as most of high quality Japanese products, it always consist of more than 3 steps, so there are the double cleansing, massaging moment, pampering and hydrating.


All the products are in white. Different in texture of course, some are lighter, some are creamier, and some are oilier.

I'm starting the routine with a Cleansing Cream, made to help removing the makeup too.


The spatula provided is pretty neat, for girls with long nails the spatula helps getting the products. Then, gently massages the cream all over the skin in light circular movement. In Menard, there's no need to put pressure to the skin, any step are done in a light and gentle pressure.


After finished with the Cleansing Cream, gently removed them with lukewarm water or tissue, I prefer to rinse it off with water. Then continue with the Washing Cream. This product is best to be used with a foam net.


By adding water bits by bits the foam created will get more and more. The dense and fluffy foam is white and bouncy enough. How can you tell that the foam is ready? By putting it upside down and they are not falling.

Apply the 'mousse' on a wet face.


Again, gently move the foam all around the skin, make sure only the foam are touching the skin, not your fingers. So you're trying to move the foam here and there, like fluffy clouds gliding on the skin.


After finished playing with the clouds, it's time to rinse off (whyyyyyy?!)

And after rinsing off, appears a clear clean skin.


Continues with Massage Cream. Use an appropriate amount and gently massage so the circulation become better. Do a relaxing massage.


The skin should look oily like the image below. After finish before the lotion, rinse off the cream from the skin with lukewarm water or tissue off.

Continue with a lotion.


And then Milk Lotion.


Finished it off with the Cream. All the products used have this same pink flower delicate scent. It's lovely and mild.


The texture of the products are all wonderful and according to its function, the cleansing products does their job nicely, the foam, foamed up abundantly, the massage cream is slippery enough as a massaging cream, but don't over-massaged the skin as the product help to remove dead skin cells, the toner (lotion) is refreshing and the milky lotion pampers the skin making sure they are ready for the cream. Do you know it is always best to use moisturizer on a damp skin instead of a dry one.

Moist skin attracts moisturizer better.


Here it is, my after look of using Menard Lisciare from Cleansing cream all the way to the moisturizer. Clean, refreshed and feels moist.

The products are suitable for daily usage and please do consult with Menard before purchasing as to make sure are these the right range for you?!

Thank you Menard Indonesia.


  1. nice products, I never tried menard before. If only they also sell every range in mini kit or travel size, he he

  2. kulitnya bagus bangeeeett >.<
    harga satu set ini berapa ya nellin kl boleh tau?

  3. Hai Winda,

    thank youu, untuk set ini karena gift jadi tidak ada harganya, mungkin bisa langsung datang ke counter menard dan menanyakan ke ba yang ada :)

  4. di bandung ga ada menard :( thank you infonya ^_~