Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hadabisei Acne Care White Mask

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Been pregnant means prone to hormonal changes and sometime it includes acne. Even thou they rarely pop up before but during these times it seems like they are there and always on the same area, under the mouth. Constantly there, taking their turn, making sure I've never run out of acne. It was annoying. Some ingredients are not advisable to be used during pregnancy so, I stick to the 'safe' zone. Maintain cleanliness and use mask like Hadabisei Acne Care White Mask.


Contain ingredient that help eliminate acne and without the obvious ingredients that needed to be stay cleared from.

How to use the mask?
Clean the face thoroughly, put it on around 15 minutes and rinse if necessary (which I didn't).


The paper mask has a decent quality, not rough but not cottony soft, so it feels kinda basic in terms of good quality. There is almost no scent noticeable and for me the low point is the dryness, it is not moist enough to stick around for the next 15 minutes.


I may suggest the user to stay still and not moving around while using the  mask to keep it still. It fell off a few times when I was walking.

After 15 minutes I discard the mask and continue with moisturizer. On the next day, the acne are reducing by far, at least until new ones come days later. Still, I found the mask to be quite effective and perhaps when used regularly may reduce the recurrent acne and help clears out the acne marks.

Thank you Hadabisei from Kracie Indonesia.

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