Monday, March 13, 2017

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Deliciously Shiny Lip Colour

Hello lovelies,

before reading this post do visit my previous one regarding Lingerie de Peau and how do I get these babies at this link: Click Me!

There's details for the complete set and pricing too.

In this post, it will solely review the lipstick.


Look how beautiful the products are, look at the lipstick, it has the iconic shape of their perfume, the clear spade on the cap. And of course, the lipstick has the exact same scent as the perfume. 


Guerlain creates an absolutely essential and utterly irresistible La Petite Robe Noire Lipstick in deliciously shiny texture to dress up your style with colour!
Vibrant shades in an innovative texture:
- a light-weight texture reveals the lips’ natural radiance, leaving them supple and comfortable
- buildable coverage thanks to its thin film: one layer to offer a glimpse of the sensual texture of the lips, several for a more dense and sophisticated finish
- inspired by La Petite Robe Noire, the formula is deliciously perfumed and delicately flavoured for an unforgettable taste on your lips
- an ultra-shiny finish and pure & luminous colours thanks to a cocktail of fine oils and a selection of “POP” pigments coated in a specific shine-boosting resin


A floral fruity fragrance with accents of bergamot, rose and raspberry, inspired by the delicious notes of La Petite Robe Noire, and an exquisite flavour attract tender of passionate kisses. So addictive!

Directions for use

Thanks to a thin light-weight texture, La Petite Robe Noire Lip Colour offers a made-to-measure coverage.
1 shade for 3 intensities:
- 1 layer for a delicate halo of colour that offers a glimpse of the lips’ sensual texture
- 2 for to light up your smile
- more for a bold, vibrant and sophisticated shade


So I think their highlight is on the bright and bold colors like red, pink, plum, cherry, and I'm getting a Beige Lingerie which is close to nude. I'm almost disappointed, until, I tried the product.

It has that smooth intensity and unbelievable texture that I adore. This is what all lipstick should felt like, so silky and comforting, hydrating, watery and sensual without any balmy, greasy nor discomforts from the feeling like after consuming something very oily. La Petite Robe Noire Deliciously Shiny Lip Colour hits every notes correctly without being high pitch.


The color is gorgeous, it somehow has become, so me, like it was made for me.

And look at the image below. The delicious lip colour doesn't just give color and shines, it heals my dry chapped lips into smooth, soft and irresistible set of pouts. Love it to the max.


I'm a fan of lipstick, especially high ends brands, not because they are prestigious, but they give results that I want. An infused skincare cosmetics. I hate waxy feeling, tacky balm, or weird scents that are all overwhelming and making me realize that I actually have something on my lips. Some could be unbearable, like the ones that dried the lips and create misery, or the ones that promise moisturizing effect but made the problem worst by being so thick and difficult, it add up the dead skin cells, creating a mountains like uneven surface.

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Deliciously Shiny Lip Colour, gives shines, color, three dimensional radiance, coverage and best of all, a real hydrating effect that my lips love. It felt so light and super smooth too, I can clearly see the fine oils benefits.


The shades are varied from pink, nudes, to plums, but I think most of the shades are in the purple zone. There are 20 shades and I'm looking forward to try more shades, like Leather Blazer, Black Perfecto, to Ruby Ring.

definitely one of the best lipstick I've tried, seems like now I'm addicted to it, I want to get more shades, or perhaps, collects them all.

Thank you Guerlain Indonesia.

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Natural Perfection Foundation Skin-Fusion Texture Long Lasting SPF 20

Hello lovelies,

Guerlain has recently launched their newest addition in their makeup section, from La Petite Robe Noire Lip Colour (Rp. 440.000) , La Petite Robe Noire Nail Colour (Rp. 340.000), Lingerie de Peau Natural Perfection Foundation SPF 20 (Rp. 895.000), Lingerie de Peau Multi Perfecting Concealer (Rp. 585.000), and Lingerie de Peau Brush (Rp. 725.000).

Guerlain Indonesia send me Lingerie de Peau Natural Perfection Foundation SPF 20 (Shade 02C) and La Petite Robe Noire Lip Colour (Shade Beige Lingerie).


The product looks luxurious and gorgeous too. I can't hardly wait to play with them, but since my schedule is rather hectic and I'm exhausted too, I have to wait for a couple of days before finally able to slowly 'digesting' them one by one.

And that chance happens to be last night, suddenly I have a wedding invitation to attend to, so I get ready and use these babies, and the review is made separately for each of the product, since I think they do deserved a post individually.


Lingerie de Peau Natural Perfection Foundation SPF 20

Guerlain's Lingerie de Peau turns the dream of a perfect foundation into reality – so skin-fusing and natural that it can't be felt, can't be seen. Its fresh, light texture glides onto the contours of the face like a second skin to enhance beauty naturally, without artifice, all day long.
Guerlain Technology, Bio-Fusion micro-mesh, an unprecedented combination of contouring and smoothing stretch fibres with natural silk and linen fibres that are in total affinity with skin. Hydrating agents bring softness and comfort throughout the day.
Lingerie de Peau is offered in a universal range comprising 18 ultra-natural shades for every skin tone: cool, neutral and warm.
Lingerie de Peau is sold in a 30 ml pump dispenser


Lingerie de Peau has a distinctive and delicate floral scent. The first peach note blended with an accord of vegetal notes is fresh and sparkling. The rose, raspberry and jasmine heart is enriched with a powdery base of balsamic, benzoin and white musk.

Directions for use

Apply a few drops to your face, then use your fingertips or the Guerlain foundation brush to blend in, moving from the middle of the face outward and down to your neck for best coverage. For an all-day second-skin mattifying finish, apply Lingerie de Peau Compact powder to complete the look.


The product has a wide shade spectrum that covers almost all skin tone. It doesn't just go with fair to dark, it covers the base from neutral, warm to cool as well, as some skin does has different undertone. One's fair skin doesn't just fair, it has that specific hue. Same goes to every level of the shades. Simply visit any Guerlain counter and let the staffs helps you finding that one product matches your skin perfectly. It speaks about natural as its best, like a second skin, in tone, texture and feeling too. Guerlain has gone far from any other brand that I know.


How come a simple product known as foundation be that good? 

Combining technology, high quality ingredients, research and understanding what we need in a foundation could be the key to their success.

Here are some images, you can clearly see the effects of using the product. Prepare to be amazed.


The texture of the foundation is like a light creamy lotion, it blends effortlessly onto the skin. As light and airy as it is, surprisingly, the coverage is amazing. I do have tons of blemishes as I just had my period, so my skin, could be said, is at its worst condition.

From large pores, redness, post acne marks, lack of sleep that causing my skin to looks dull and tired, uneven skin tone, to dark spots too. In a single layer of applying the foundation, the skin already appear so flawless, like it is naturally good. I can add more layers to build up coverage to maximum, for me, 2 layers of foundation is definitely enough, like a fly could easily slipped over.

The skin appears like it has zero problem, no large pores, no redness seen, no scar, post acne marks, and the radiance is just beautiful. Not too much, just perfect. I received a lot of compliments that night when using the foundation.


All the after images shown in this post is after using the foundation alone, not any powder nor concealer is added. Only on the after colour and full makeup is the powder has been added to help achieving the semi matte finish that I want.

The foundation is light enough to be used daily and dazzling enough for that special occasion, since it is so feather-like yet sublime. It's a foundation that I'll happily use every day and doesn't seem to want anything else. It's that good.


I feel like the foundation replaces other products such as primer and base at the same time. It's a fulfilling foundation that caters many issues at the same time enhancing every good angle in a foundation.

I do still need a concealer for under the nose, but that's it.

One more thing, the foundation smells heavenly, I can still sense the scent hours after application, like my face has its own perfume. 


I have nothing but praises for Lingerie de Peau Natural Perfection Foundation Skin-Fusion Texture Long Lasting SPF 20, from the function, finish, texture, ability, to how it feels on the skin. Like it enveloped my skin, creating an illusion of a perfect skin that's has no problem whatsoever, coated in gorgeousness.

Those who have dry skin like mine can simply use skincare first to address the problem prior using  makeup, including this foundation, and yes, those with oily skin should do the same too, use proper skincare that helps oiliness, a good skincare also helps makeup performs better too, so we can't rely on one thing and neglect the other. Makeup and skincare should work hand in hand for that perfected look that last.

Thank you so much Guerlain Indonesia, this is a product I truly cherish.

Juara Candlenut Nourishing Massage Oil

Hello ladies,

Juara with their iconic candlenut series that smells so good and provide tons of hydrating and moisturizing effect to my skin also have a massage oil which can be used as a body oil as well.

The product looks simple and it can be found in some online stores, but I couldn't find it on their official website. The product is real alright since Juara themselves gave it to me, a few bloggers have review the product too so I'm kinda confuse in terms of where to get a legit info regarding the product, so in this post, it would be solely about my personal experience in using the product.


The product has a tacky label, like it was just stick on it and if we removed it, it can be easily mistaken or sold to other brand. Perhaps it is to be sold in Indonesia only since I don't think it can be on par with the regulation in the US.

The packaging is not as luxurious as their other products, looks a bit like a cheap product. The plastic cap doesn't hold very well and easily removed, I'm concern when taking this one during traveling.
The pump works well, it distribute the oil little by little, for massaging it could be a bit fuss since the oil absorbed pretty fast on my dry skin, so I need around 3-4 pumps per area during massage. On the other hand, as a body oil, it was perfect.

Oil holds moisture better than water, so I use it as a body oil on daily basis with my lotion, so it adds us as a barrier that  protects my skin from dryness, I can use it several times a day, and it works like a charm for my heels too.

The oils soften the skin, make them moist and supple again, even on very dry areas. Lotion absorbed too fast and the effect is felt for a few hours while the oil can last for twice the time. One bonus point for me is the lovely scent from Candlenut, using it with the rest of series made the scent  last for the whole day, I love it!



a great massage body oil that I can use everyday, it helps soften the skin, protecting it and create a moist barrier for dry skin. It can be used for areas prone to stretchmarks, doesn't make the skin feels hot (so it is still breathable), absorbed easily by the skin with no oily nor greasy residue, reminds me a lot of a dry oil, so in the end regarding the product, it is wonderful and worth every penny, it's the packaging that they need to improve.

Thank you Juara Indonesia, another skin caring product that contain no known harmful chemicals that smells and work great!