Monday, March 13, 2017

Juara Candlenut Nourishing Massage Oil

Hello ladies,

Juara with their iconic candlenut series that smells so good and provide tons of hydrating and moisturizing effect to my skin also have a massage oil which can be used as a body oil as well.

The product looks simple and it can be found in some online stores, but I couldn't find it on their official website. The product is real alright since Juara themselves gave it to me, a few bloggers have review the product too so I'm kinda confuse in terms of where to get a legit info regarding the product, so in this post, it would be solely about my personal experience in using the product.


The product has a tacky label, like it was just stick on it and if we removed it, it can be easily mistaken or sold to other brand. Perhaps it is to be sold in Indonesia only since I don't think it can be on par with the regulation in the US.

The packaging is not as luxurious as their other products, looks a bit like a cheap product. The plastic cap doesn't hold very well and easily removed, I'm concern when taking this one during traveling.
The pump works well, it distribute the oil little by little, for massaging it could be a bit fuss since the oil absorbed pretty fast on my dry skin, so I need around 3-4 pumps per area during massage. On the other hand, as a body oil, it was perfect.

Oil holds moisture better than water, so I use it as a body oil on daily basis with my lotion, so it adds us as a barrier that  protects my skin from dryness, I can use it several times a day, and it works like a charm for my heels too.

The oils soften the skin, make them moist and supple again, even on very dry areas. Lotion absorbed too fast and the effect is felt for a few hours while the oil can last for twice the time. One bonus point for me is the lovely scent from Candlenut, using it with the rest of series made the scent  last for the whole day, I love it!



a great massage body oil that I can use everyday, it helps soften the skin, protecting it and create a moist barrier for dry skin. It can be used for areas prone to stretchmarks, doesn't make the skin feels hot (so it is still breathable), absorbed easily by the skin with no oily nor greasy residue, reminds me a lot of a dry oil, so in the end regarding the product, it is wonderful and worth every penny, it's the packaging that they need to improve.

Thank you Juara Indonesia, another skin caring product that contain no known harmful chemicals that smells and work great!

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