Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Glamour Shot Matte Perfection by SAMPAR

Hello everyone, 

It's been a crazy weather lately hasn't it?! Hot one second and raining cats and dog in the next, not to forget the icy drops last week. This kind of heat and sudden mood of change in the climate made the air feels muggy and the humidity peaks up, what does it do to our skin? Make the pores big and wide, arghhhh.

Being thirty something large pores has now become my daily companion, the aging seems to have a mind on it's own, I need something to help me instantly and beneficial in the long term too. 

This is where SAMPAR Glamour Shit Mat Perfection comes in handy. Available at Beauty Box across Jakarta, Indonesia, and at SAMPAR (Grand Indonesia) the pink skincare range from Paris deliver quick result for a less pores instantly and help ease out the uneven complexion. 

Tested on 30 persons for 6 hours the product able to make the sebum less active as well. For me this is a solution fo my oily nose and large pores on upper cheek area. 

How to use? 
Apply after moisturizing on area needed or all over the face. The product is not compatible with liquid makeup, so I recommend using two way cake or mineral foundation (powder) as a base and followed by other powder makeup. 

The unisex product is small yet handy. Compatble with any other skincare I'm using at the moment. Perfect for those who ar looking for a matte finish and and during photo shoot, a soft focus effect naturally. 

Please do click on any image for larger view and read the details given by SAMPAR. The technology and ingredients behinds it is adequate in providing an instant solution for the skin and have long term benefit.

The price tag is a bit hefty thou, for a 15 ml is Rp. 420.000.

Interested? You may find it in these locations:

Why should you be interested? Well for me, it's for the real result offered, below are my before after images of using the product on a cleaned moisturized skin. 

Less visible pores under 1 minute after application. Once the gel dries up the velvety effect felt right after. It was something worth witnessing, keep looking at the mirror while applying and see how the skin's pores shrunk and the skin tone become more unified than before. Wow! 

Overall, a great product (if you don't mind the cost) that gives the skin an instant result of a less visible pores and less sebum until your next shower time. Can be used day and night. The skincare benefit is wonderful for a long term effect on the skin, but perhaps the 15 ml wont last that long heehee. 

Thank you so much SAMPAR Indonesia. 


  1. The product is not compatible with liquid makeup ?
    maksudnya gak bisa ditumpuk dengan liquid foundie / bb cream gitu kah ?

    mmm harga nya tinggi juga ya..


  2. Hi amourpixie,
    Iya, tidak bisa digunakan dengan liquid makeup apapun, mau foundie sampai blush on karena akan noodling, seperti menggumpal atau merusak base yang telah dibuat.