Wednesday, July 12, 2017

MINISO Floral Silicone Oil Free Smoothing Shampoo

Hello lovelies,

I always looking for that perfect shampoo, the one that smells so beautifully floral fragrance, contain no silicone oil since I know it was really bad for the scalp, and eventually made your hair falls out for being so clogging, and lathers well without making the hair strikingly dry. Finally, I found my dream in a shampoo bottle inside MINISO. Yes, MINISO,  not a beauty store, drugstore or normal daily market I went into, so it's kinda surprising and they are budget friendly too. It cost around 5 SGD (I bought mine in Singapore).


What does it says on the bottle,

Silicone oil free. Leave your hair clean, smooth and silky. Contains extractives from prenus speciosa, rose rugosa, iris florentina. Moisturizing your hair. Make it not dry any more. Make your hair bright and smooth.

And it was right, every sentence. Usually, using a silicone oil free shampoo means my hair still feel a bit taut, kinda dry, and mostly like I still need a bunch of conditioner or hair mask afterwards. Using MINISO Floral Silicone Oil Free Smoothing Shampoo is so different that other silicone oil free shampoo that I've used, MINISO made the hair feels so good, like so manageable and smells so romantically delightful.

I still need to use conditioner since my hair is severely damaged, but not as much as when I'm using other brand that cost 2 to 3 times higher. So it's like the best one in terms of function, effects and cost. I look at the product with one eye thinking how good could it be, like it shouldn't be that good, but it does, it was remarkable. Like a hair this soft should be because of silicone, but it's not, they must have put other moisturizing and silky-ing ingredients into the shampoo. They must have found some miracle ingredients that does magic. Prenus Speciosa seems like a thing that available in Diagon Alley.

Nevertheless, I seems like to find something that really precious in MINISO and I started to look at their stuffs differently now, as my next project in Singapore, I'll try more of MINISO's products and hopefully soon.


Words of the day: never judge a shampoo by it's brand.

Thank you for reading my post, see ya!

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