Thursday, July 27, 2017

Banila CoThe Kissest Satin Relent Pink SPK 501

Hello lovelies,

Banila Co is one of the brand which I found to be interesting thanks to one female singer who became their face. She is like this effortless beauty who looks great in just about anything and the brand did represent that. They are famous for their cleanser and I did tried them, I think it was okay, but my expectation was higher since it was been raved like nuts.

Looking inside their store in Myeongdong, I was opt for their lipstick.


A lightweight, silky and Smooth-rolling Extract infused lipstick that will surely fit sleekly onto the lips while still delivering intense colors for a luscious, supple and sensual finish.

They have several different types of lipstick from glossy to matte, lipstick to liquid and like always, the Korean love their tint, so I'm thinking of something sassy, hence satin is my option. I think I haven't have one in this kind of texture. 


The packaging is sexy too and bold with the red and black. Simply twist the container and it'll be right up. Everything is smooth and operate well. I love the intensity of the color and texture of the product. They may not be transfer proof but the pigment and color stays real good. It have that velvety feeling when applied, so creamy and powdery at the same time.


A single swipe could achieve that intensity, so in terms of pigment, it is really good and opaque. When eating and drinking, they do transfer everywhere but the color is diminishing slowly and somehow still look tidy. I use my baby's wipes and clean the leftover before applying a fresh coat and it's easy peasy without any fuss. Unlike waterproof liquid lips that can be a bit tricky to clean and have to use the right remover, The Kissest Satin is a people pleaser when it comes to application and reapplication plus cleansing wise.



 a pretty lipstick  that gives color as it is, beautiful and gives me this satin finish moreover feeling when applied. Last long but easily clean with almost anything from wet wipes to daily cleanser.

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