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Bioderma Hydrabio Essence Lotion and Hydrabio Gel Creme

Hello lovelies,

recently I went to Bali and have a wonderful time there. The temperature is a bit high at the beach and we love spending time there despite of the sun kept stroking on our skin. We went from around 9 am until 11 am. Took a break by getting lunch and back to the beach at around 3 pm. We feel like the soothing sound of the waves and wind calms our nerves. The sea water also known to be therapeutic.

During all those enjoyments, I do realize how our skin changed, some become red, some become darker, some become dry, especially after a day in the sun and get inside the hotel room, with the continuous air conditioner and warm bath, the skin took it's toll. I see wrinkles on the back of my hands and signs of dryness everywhere too. I need hydration and whenever I see an SOS product like an after sun care, it always promote one thing, hydrating the skin. It is confirmed that the skin need to be moist, well hydrated to heal and gets better. It's not just about looking pretty, but most of all, healthy.


No matter how much we put on sunblocks, no matter how high they are and being super waterproof, super sweat-proof, and even suitable for sun, sea, and sand, the skin still becomes dry. I put on so many layers of lotions and hydrating products but seems like the skin need to be 'reminded' of it's function and ability to lock down the moisture once again.

I drink plenty of water and eat veggies, fruits, anything that I know helps the skin to heal and remedy, but still, I know I need something more, more than the ordinary and something that is so spot on and helps the skin directly within application, and then I remember, Bioderma.


For the body, they have their own collection, for the face, the one that suffer the most since I never cover them with hat or umbrella, it's exposed most of the time, unlike body that I can simply use clothing.

I know the fact that the skin is continuously healing and repairing itself, day and night, so what I do during the night also affected the skin condition on the next day and so on. So when I applied the right products during the night and sleeps, the skincare work throughout the night and heals whatever they can heal during the time given and nourishment provided.

Skincare is simple and easy, just apply and let them work, from within, we also need to consume a healthy diet plus plentiful of water so consider as helping the roots. The future of the skin depends on what we put on and what we eat (drink too) on daily basis.

Bioderma is a brand that study the biology of our skin, a molecular biologist that speaks beyond ingredients, but the nature of our skin as well.


Launched during the holy month in Jakarta, All Day Hydration Event with bloggers and media are given the first taste of their two new products which has made Bioderma Hydrabio even more complete.

As a huge fan of Bioderma and avid user (there's no way you find me without Bioderma products in my home) I'm so eager and happy to be among the first to try Hydrabio Essence Lotion and Hydrabio Gel Cream. Not just because my skin is dry, but I believe this is the range where everyone could use, we all need hydration, it's like the key of our skin's health, oh well, it's one of the key of our existence too, like the one ingredient that make us alive more than the rest, is water, fluid, hydration.

6 products in total are given (but this is yet the complete set according to the International version) consist of brume (review: Here), H20 - a cleanser (review: Here), tonique - or toner (review: Here), serum (review : Here),  Essence Lotion and Gel Creme that will be reviewed in this post.


They look so gorgeous in white and blue. It's like the universal color of water. Some of them comes in a box ( serum, gel creme) while some is just at it is, bottles. The serum and gel cream also both comes in a pump bottle, an assurance of hygienic and practicality.

I'll share with you how I've been using the products for the last two weeks.

It's all started with a clean skin using Hydrabio H20.


A cleanser that not only cleans well but make the dry skin happy. It's completely non drying and kind to the skin. Cleans everything from lightweight makeup to daily debris. I always use a makeup remover first when using make up and then double clean the skin using Hydrabio H20 since it not only took away the leftovers on the pores but it cleans the residue from the makeup remover.

Simply soak a cotton with the solution and wipe the skin. All the dirt, leftovers or whatever it is will be seen on the damp cotton pad. I just kept on repeating with a set of cotton pad soaked with the Hydrabio H20 several time until they come out clean.

Proceed the process with the toner that tones the skin.


Again, using a cotton pad, soaked the cotton pad with Hydrabio Tonique, dab the skin gently. It provides that gentle hydrating and soothing effect that also works for sensitive skin. The product also helps the skin for the next step, Essence Lotion.

  • Moisurises and prepares the skin for the next skin care.
  • Smoothes the skin and reveals its radiance.
  • Sensation of freshness and comfort.
  • Fresh and light fragrance.
  • Excellent tolerance.
Result :
  • the skin is perfectly moisturised, to make the next skincare more efficient!
  • Paraben free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non comedogenic
  • Non greasy
  • Non sticky
  • Non shiny


One thing that I instantly realizes is that the product have that lovely soothing blue scent that I love. It's so comfortable and delightful, I even soaked a face mask with the lotion and let them stay on my skin for a good 10-15 minutes. The product hydrates the skin like no other, it's very light yet refreshing. Those who own dry skin must have known the discomfort made by the thirsty skin, it felt tight, taut and the essence revive the skin making it flexible again.

I know that it doesn't work alone, they need other product, like when the skin is dirty, they can't really take what it need to be taken since it is blocked by everything on the surface, or when the skin is too dry, a brume or toner is needed to prep the skin before the essence. And of course, the serum and moisturizer is needed also afterwards, but so far, they already given me wonderful results to begin with.


Look how happy my skin is and how the happy skin made me happy too. Being so comfortable at our skin is an indescribable feeling that we would like to have every single day. It boost confident, took out worries and unhappy feelings. Like we can do just about anything or perhaps a simple one less thing to worry about.

Another great news about Bioderma Hydrabio is they can be used for just about anyone, male or female, at any age.


After the skin is super moist, it is ready for the serum, a nourishment that able to go deeper and made even more differences onto the skin. Everything comes in the right texture, consistency and fluidity. Start with something so watery, pure, cleansing, to softening the skin and making them easily accessible for the next product to settles in.


A cloudy light gel that made to hydrates, it can work better and act better thanks to all the previous products used before and of course, later, after, as it seals the deal.


But I want to add one more, the Brume, where it can be used at any stage, before or after any stage, and even throughout the day.  Brume could also be used before and after applying makeup, for the hair, whenever you feel dry and the kids are loving too. The product comes in small container too for travel and I find it as a savior during a flight where the air is unbearably dry. It is so true that moist air is easier to breathe in too, the brume does helps on that area too. Like the food during flight always taste funny, right?! It's because of our nose, being too dry somehow hinder our smell sense, the brume moist the skin and air when sprayed around us helps us to be awaken as well.


This is one product that I always carry, like when inside a car when it is too hot, too dry, or anytime I need hydration on my skin or hair. The brume sprayed fine particles so the skin (or hair) can take the moisture without being drenched like. So it is perfect for anytime. Those who love using makeup could easily benefited from using brume as it helps the makeup to appear more natural and flawless. It add flexibility of the makeup used and add that lovely radiance on the skin, like we're in love or something.


The last product (yet definitely not the last for sure), it's the gel creme, the one that seals every moisture inside and making sure everything works undisturbed yet being so gentle and kind in hydrating not creating greasy nor oily effects on the skin.

How do it work? Well, how do all of them work like an alliance to each other creating a mutual symbiosis.
Generates hydration

The patented biological complex Aquagenium™ generates intense hydration, immediately and lastingly:

  • Vitamin PP strengthens skin resistance and impermeability  
  • Apple seed extract stimulates the activity of Aquaporins, which are the natural channels allowing water flow within the skin.
Thanks to an emulsion inspired by the structure of the epidermis, the active ingredients of the Aquag√©nium™ patent penetrate deeply and in a more targeted manner. The skin thus regains its natural hydration capacities, for intense radiance. Lastingly.
Smoothes skin texture

By eliminating dead cells, and progressively reducing cornea layer,  the skin's upper layer, salicylic acid equalizes and smoothes the skin's surface, which lastingly gains radiance.

Prevents from premature skin ageing

Vitamin E helps to protect the skin against oxidative stress and combat premature cutaneous ageing.


  • Intensely and durably hydrates
  • Smoothes the skin texture and reveals its radiance
  • Provides a sensation of softness and comfort
  • Fresh and light fragrance

  • Very good tolerance
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Scented formula
  • Paraben-free
  • Excellent make-up base


Look at the product, the white and light gel is like an oasis on its own. The pump works well and usually using a pump is enough for the whole face and neck. I distribute and massage them all over, wherever needed.


Since the skin is already moist and softened thanks to the previous products used, the skin can now easily 'bind' the gel cream so they stay in place and protect the skin with the moisture so the hydration stays inside.

Makeup can be used right after this routine is done, or for me, I use my sunscreen before makeup.

As the skin is ready and looks great, I feel like I can use less makeup.


Why do we need all the products for our daily routine?
1. Each comes in their own function and benefit
2. Each comes in a specific turn and part where they work cohesively.
3. The skin is a living thing that need to be understood, it took preparation and daily care for them to be better, heals and regenerate better, not because of its true origin, but because of our lifestyle.
And why I love about Bioderma, is the comfort in using the products, the feeling and immediate sensation when using them, and the long term as well as short term effect. It's a brand that responsible, filled with certified patents, and let's just say, they actually works!


Thank you so much Bioderma, not just for these babies, but for all of the products you've been developing. I love every one of them and Hydrabio Essence Lotion and Gel Creme are no exception.

The Essence Lotion is so universal, I can also use it as a mask, it helps to moist the skin better than when using none, it has the consistency I've been looking for, and the best part is that, it is far from oily and never exfoliating.

The Gel Cream is soft and gentle, even my husband that own oily skin can still use it and my per-teen delicate skin too. She enjoys using as it felt like a thin film wrap the skin gently. Making them feels snugly.


Thank you so much Bioderma, you've makes me happy, my skin is healthy, hence, it's beautiful.

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