Friday, July 28, 2017


Hello lovelies,

Rimmel is one of the most famous drugstore brand from UK. The products comes in a friendly budget price tag yet with good quality and satisfaction some may even rave about more than luxury high ends products. Their lippies are of course being sought after too. They do have liquid lipstick that stays on real good and the mattes are too.

This is The Only 1 Matte.

It comes in a lipstick container and formula.


A no compromise all-in-one lipstick, with a slanted lipstick bullet for an effortless application
  • High impact colour
  • Long-lasting
  • All day comfort, moisture and wear
Most trend with liquid lipstick is that they do give that super matte finish with very dry lips. Some even complain about being so dry that it create patches. It's not pretty looking with brittle lips, so Rimmel comes with the same matte finish people look for in a matte lippy and made it into this buttery creamy formula that 100% matte and contented.


I bought two shades, Salute and The Matte factor. The pinkish nude I'm wearing on the image above and below is Salute.

It has that berry aroma which I found to be fruity and fresh at the same time, very delicious and not overwhelmingly sweet, I love it!

Upon first application, it glides on easily and the pigment given is a amazing. The coverage level is high and I can be confident since it really covers everything, even dry chapped lips. Liquid lipstick will accentuate the chapped part, this lipstick doesn't, it help moisturizing the lips and help the chappy part blends.


Salute is a shade I can use on daily basis or when I want to highlights the makeup on the eyes. It kept the lips minimum (in terms of attention) yet sultry and innocently sexy.

Below is The Matte Factor, the upmost dark shade of them all. There 10 shades in total and I find them to be interesting and away from boring. To be honest, UK sets a different style of makeup look than perhaps USA or Korean or Japanese, their vogue is more to the street style when it's easy to achieve yet eye catching.

I think the UK also prefer a mode that stays true to yourself no matter which trend you followed.


This is The Matte Factor, bold, matte and also super comfortable to be used. Feels like my lips are snug in the coat of color. The matte color also stays true for hours and hours, as long as I'm not wiping them off, they are there.

They are still transfer and not waterproof (for sure) but in a way, it could be one of their highlight, being easily clean also means easily reapply when needed (like after a meal, a drink or a kiss).


What do you think, it's a lips worth having right?! They are budget friendly, works well, comfortably used and a real matte.

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