Friday, July 28, 2017

Marc Jacobs Genius Gel

Hello lovelies,

Marc Jacobs Beauty is famous in the beauty world and one thing that surely the talk of the town, Genius Gel.

It's a product that gets 4,6 out of 5 stars in the review, so it's pretty impressive and definitely worth splurging....according to them.


This is me using the infamous Gel. It was really light as mentioned by many and like using none, but the skin seems 'improved', even out, and less problematic. Above is the result of using the foundation with a beauty blender, so it was quite thin.

The product does build-able, especially using a brush. Brush gives a higher coverage than beauty blender, so you see, different tools used also took effects on the finished look.

The product can also be layered with another product, I add some cream foundation on some areas, contour and highlights creams plus powder makeup all over.


Everything to achieve a maximum coverage does create a heavy makeup look but I love how flawless the skin appears to be and it's like a blank canvas ready for just about anything.

I get why it was called genius, the gel was able to create some kind of layers that perceive as a skincare makeup.

Here are  some of the details from


Radiant Finish. Buoyancy Gel™. Sheer Genius.
Erase the past, perfect the present and protect the future. This breakthrough gel foundation easily builds from natural to full coverage. Buoyancy Gel™ technology enhances the performance of this long-wearing, anti-aging formula, which includes antioxidant vitamin protection. Awaken your skin’s ideal radiance and clarity.

Best used with The Face I brush for blending and layering.
  • Buoyancy Gel™ technology enhances foundation, creating a weightless, natural veil, that never settles in fine lines.
  • Versatile formula delivers a natural finish or can build to full coverage.
“With the Genius Gel, we wanted to create something that was hydrating and good for you, that was refreshing and cool.” - Marc Jacobs

From 16 shades, I choose shade 22 Bisque Light. I glad i choose that shade since it blends to my skin like they are made to be together.

As seen on the image below, the product is quite thin and the gel is more like liquid than creamy.

I've been using the product for quite some time now and been experimenting quite a lot. They do have the tendency to be love  at first sight since it instantly boost the skin condition but very light and airy. The skin also seems to be enjoying the product with the radiance and hydrate kinda glow, so it's like we actually doing the right thing and give our skin an infused skincare makeup.


But I still kinda think that the product is overpriced, it is very good in terms of performance and result on the skin but I find another product with cheaper price tag could give me similar result. 

Maybe the price differences lies in the ingredients of the skincare, I do not know, but adding some serum or favorite moisturizer could easily help achieving the similar result as in this gel. The fluidity of the product might be the key of why it is loved since no matter how sheer it appear might be, the effects on the skin is astonishing.


Will I purchase it again? Perhaps, when on a sale :D

The product dos perform well, stays on for a day, doesn't create that dry lines on my skin, comfortable for a long hours, and give my skin a influence of looking flawlessly glowing.

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  1. wow, my dream foundie. the result was so amazing :)