Thursday, July 27, 2017

L'Oreal Professionnel Vitamino Color A-OX

Hello lovelies,

my recent hair color may perhaps surprise everyone who knows me. But this is not my first time coloring my hair in these super bright colors, I've done rainbow too with a perfectly white bleached hair back in the 2013 with orange, pink and dark blue. It's like a fiasco of colors and back then the trend it's not like today where you could easily find a 'friend' on almost anywhere you go, I was like the only one in Jakarta.


Nowadays being purple, teal, autumn red, to blue doesn't really made me stand out, it's just one of those groups :D

Being the center of attention with these colors means I have to stand out for the right reason, I don't want people to see my hair as dry, severely damaged or worst, giving people bad impression on fashion color.


So I happen to be given some products by L'Oreal Professionnel. They are one of the most famous hair products brand in Indonesia, continually adding new items or perhaps re-inventing their variants. Like their Vitamino Color has now turn into Vitamino Color A-OX.


Similar packaging, color and design, but the differences are in the improved formula for colored hair.
Protect your hair colour radiance and boost its intensity and shine with our Vitamino Color hair care range. Suitable for all hair colours, it gently eliminates residue and helps protect colour-treated hair. Enjoy a nourishing feeling with our best colour radiance protection.


Indulge in the sensorial colour radiance protecting Vitamino Color AO-X shampoo that leaves coloured hair feeling instantly soft. Enriched in an anti-oxidant complex and UV filters. Your colour of choice looks more vibrantly shiny. Residue is eliminated, while colour radiance is protected.


The rich texture of the Vitamino Color A-OX Conditioner leaves coloured hair easier to detangle and feeling smoother. Used after the Vitamino Shampoo, your colour-treated hair feels soft and the hair colour radiance protected while the look of shine and colour radiance are beautifully boosted.


The scent is almost the same, but it is less sweet and more to the floral. Let's start from the shampoo, the formula lathers easily on my super dry and damaged hair, it doesn't create that taut feeling that could lead to tangles. The hair is cleaned effortlessly and smells good too, the scent last for hours on my hair, especially when the conditioner is added afterwards.

The shampoo also easily rinsed out leaving the hair comfortable thanks to the silky softening effect, they also made my hair behave better. Adding the conditioner later on was like a true match, they bring each other best. The conditioner coated the hair. I like to use them around 15 cm from the roots and all the way to the ends. Leave them on for perhaps 5-10 minutes or whenever I have time to leave them using a shower cap and then rinse it off. The first thing I felt is the silkening effect, unruffled, and very much looks moist and glossy. Like my hair has gain a vibrant color power all over again.

The effect of the conditioner on my super dry hair last for around half a day, so I added that Absolut Repair Lipidium, which is like a treatment oils. It helps to retain the moisture and the effect is just superb on drab hair.

Thank you so much L'Oreal Professionnel for these babies, my hair definitely enjoys using them and I'm glad that it kept the hair color last longer with a controllable  outcome I adore.


  1. bagus ci rambut cici.. warnanya bagus..^^

  2. Warnanya kece banget cici, cantikk :)

  3. Thank you so much Hanna and Lily :D