Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Purbasari Manjakani Whitening

Hello lovelies,

I hope everyone is well and happy once again. Happy as an individual, happy as a spouse, happy in marriage and life in general.

For me personally, happiness revolves around me and my family. No matter how successful I am as a beauty blogger (or perhaps was) I do feel there's a bit of imbalance when I saw my family wasn't really thrilled with me going out every single day for events. My husband to be honest, prefer a wife (me) that is not too tired during night time. As Jakarta is famous for the crazy traffic jam, going out could means hours in the traffic alone, making me exhausted. Drowning all those energy from the long (hours) commute due to being stuck in the road home makes me depressed sometimes and I'm not happy.

I love spending time with my family, so two hours in the street means I took away my bonding time with the kids and the extended effects from being so tired is I have less time with the spouse as it was actually our 'time' to reconnect. So the effects are like dominoes. Understanding this, nowadays, I try to be focusing more on my family, and family starts with the husband and wife, that's the foundation of marriage.


Because there's two human being madly in love (well, most of the stories started with these), we can have, begin, create a family. So in the long run, even there's obstacle, misunderstandings, difficulties, or pro-founding happiness like kids, our main focus is still have to be the spouse. Sometime I do forget, sometime I do put my kids first, and I was wrong, it has to be my partner first and then the kids. Things needed to be put in the right perspective before making everything right.

Nowadays, I try to lean on him more, be more romantic, be more attentive, and tried to put aside the small petty differences, spend more time together like date night, and one more thing, when I used to be all 'cuek' and au naturale, I tried to put on some makeup more when I was with him. Not just makeup, perhaps a bit of accessories, dress a bit better and start working out again. I want to make the effort, I want to, it's not just about our marriage, it's being happy again, a wholesomeness.

And then the fight ehm argument begun to be less and less, we speak more often, speak as in a real conversation and not just "what's for dinner?", and those intimate moments also increases (wink, wink).


Using makeup, accessories, dress better and perfume helps when we are going on our dates, but when we are making out, I want to feel confident and have more oomph down there. Many women tried different things from using heritage and cultural ingredients that have been passed down for generations like 'daun sirih', or tried spa related smoke that is 'steamed' on our private part, or massages, some even go under surgery to tighten up. Bleaching also quite popular, many people think that a sexy one should be fair and pinkish hue. Some products used chemicals that might even harm the skin more that it gives that 'sexy' benefit.

So I was wondering which methods I should use, is it the all natural ones, like buying some 'special' leafs at the market, cleaning and boiling it, try to get the extract and so on, it seems like there's so many things need to be done, it was extra work for me and I don't want that. The meticulous process and details exhaust me. I prefer something more simple and easy, like Purbasari Manjakani Whitening.


Cairan berlebih, lembap, bau tak sedap, dan kulit yang gelap di sekitar area kewanitaan tentu membuat wanita--terutama yang sudah menikah--menjadi tak nyaman. Purbasari Manjakani Whitening merupakan salah satu resep rahasia wanita agar pasangan makin manja. Diformulasikan sesuai untuk area kewanitaan, sehingga memberikan rasa bersih, kesat, dan semakin percaya diri.

Keunggulan Purbasari Manjakani Whitening
  • Efek astrigent ekstrak manjakani untuk rasa kesat dan rapat
  • 4 Natural Whitening Extract (Mullberry, Bearberry, Lycorice dan Lemon) yang bersinergi mencerahkan kulit area kewanitaan dengan maksimal
  • Triple Action Formula untuk mengurangi bau tak sedap
  • pH 3,5 yang sesuai area kewanitaan sehingga aman digunakan sehari-hari
  • Rapat, harum dan tetap sehat
  • Tersedia 2 ukuran, 60 ml dan 125 ml yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan Anda
See, they have all that Mulberry, Bearberry, Lycorice and lemon in one practical cleanser that not only cleanses but helps in so many ways. From tightening, brightening, to giving them that irresistible scent.

The gel is clear, like the image up there and easy to lather, it create a light bubbles and cleanse the intimate area gently. The focus of the product is the outer side of vagina, so it was not made for the inside (as the inside is self cleansing).

The ph is made suitable for the private area, still, do use it when necessary, this is after all included as a cosmetic product. I feel comfortable using it almost every day, especially during my period when the humidity is far beyond when using sanitary pads. The clean feeling is wonderful and I love being fragrant all over.

Being passionate is no longer a thing that made me cautious about myself, I can be 100% into the moment and enjoy every seconds of it.

Thank you Purbasari Manjakani Whitening!


Price wise, this product is relatively cheaper than other in the same category and similar ingredients. Purbasari Manjakani can also be purchased at the following (online) shops:


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