Sunday, July 9, 2017

Round A Round Oil Infused

Hello lovelies,

I went to Korea a few months back and bring a lot of beauty products with me from my trip. There are so many of them that wasn't available in Indonesia, so I took as many as I could when I was there, including these lovely products.


    Above is the main function and details I could find on the web, seems like it wasn't as popular as other Korean brand that has their own English website but still, Olive Young is a nation wide store that have so many branches throughout Korea and carry some of its own brand like Round A Round.


    I purchased them as a set, Oil Infused Skin Mist and Oil Infused Serum. I looked for products that help my dry skin to feel and be better, at least not so dry anymore, and it works, it works like a charm. The mist gave me a fine particle that acts not just as a softener for the skin, but hydrating. The tiny oils inside moisten the skin, preparing for the serum and then moisturizer, plus it is very convenient to be used anytime during the day.

    It add subtle radiance and shine on my skin. Now, as adding the serum, that looks and feel like a dry oil, but finer and smaller in particles, so it easily taken by the skin which within seconds doesn't leave any oily nor greasy residue on my skin whatsoever. Adding moisturizer (any moisturizer) afterwards also a simple matter as they works well together.

    I love the fact that the oils made the hydration stays on longer than using other (water-based) gel-like serums or watery toner, this mist and serum is like a dynamic duo for my skin and it can be used to any part or the body too, like my elbows or heels.


    I like the fact that my skin stays comfortable way longer than using other serum or any other moisturizer. The oils are practically almost scentless, well there's a faint kinda like flowery scent, but mostly, it was almost like nothing.

    The serum can be added to foundation as well, it made them more translucent, flawless and the radiance it gave to my skin is just lovely. I feel like I can use less makeup when using the products. The mist is perfect for the hair too, especially at the ends, it help seals the damaged parts, adding shine and subtle gloss.

    Overall, it was products worth trying and even repurchasing.

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