Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I'm Tic Toc Cushion Tint

Hello lovelies,

If any of you happen to be a lipstick addict or perhaps cosmetic enthusiast, lipstick with it's many texture would be a perfect adventure when trying them from all over the world. I found lip powders, lip cream, gel, even in flat stick on a paper. It's like playing in a playground when it comes to lipstick.

Korea is one of the most famous playground when it comes to cosmetics, the whole street of Myeongdong seems to be dedicated to beauty products. It's truly a magnificent view where options are endless. I find the most serious makeup to cute and cuddly pink items not to be missed. They seem to understand that people come with many backgrounds and preference. One of the most interesting product I found that day is from I'M MEME.


I'm Tic Toc Cushion Tint.
Cushion for your lips! With a powerful ink tint formula, this watery gel hybrid provides juicy shine and color. Plus, it literally smells like melted chocolate.

Easily click it on every single usage and the 'pen' will dispense liquid suitable for one take.

I took an image below from the new product (not this variant, but similar packaging) it's the velvet version (which I'm so going to try next time!!)


Of course my shade is not there since mine is Cushion Tint not Velvet Tint.

I think Cushion Tint have shades that I prefer, mine is Flame Red, and there's other like Scarlette Mine, Forbidden Pleasure and Attractive Rose (clearly their names is more intriguing too, huh?!). Flame Red is irresistible between deep reddish chocolate.


As seen on my image of the product above, it is not easy taking it's picture since the container is so shiny, I have to get the right angle with dimmed lights. Anyway, this is the actual product and as seen the cushion is already filled with color since I've been using it for quite some time.

And the smell of chocolate itself is irresistible plus they taste sweet too, so it was like a sense of collaboration between shade, smell and taste. I don't recommend anyone to eat it like it is food, but when accidentally licked the lips, they'll taste sweet.

And of course, one of the most important reason why I love this lippy is, it's in a gel or kinda like jelly texture and the pigment is gorgeous. It's not sheer nor faint, but kinda like a liquid chocolate that slides on the lips and I can easily create a gradation too. The middle part is darker since I put more on the middle and ease up all the way to the ends. The feeling of using is sensual and like honey yet without the stickiness.

It's like a coat of very thin film gel .. a sweet coat of very thin film pigmented gel. Satisfying and pure glossy too. I love using it as I don't have to add another lip gloss for shine, and still without the glutinous of the lip gloss that binds my hair, so it's like a beautiful chocolate syrup without the ants.


Conclusion, love, love, LOVE it.

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  1. Ci, itu lucu banget packagingnya kayak modelan etude house, tapi ini kayaknya lebih gampang ngaplikasiinnya. Jadi pengen purchase :)