Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Angel Hand Cream (Too Cool for School) and Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel (Nature Republic) from Cosmopolitan Indonesia

The title is correct alright,

these goodies I get from purchasing Cosmopolitan September, 2012 edition. Cool isn't it?! The products itself have surpass the buying price of these magazines. In celebration customer get 2 mags in one and two products for Rp.98.000.

Here they are:

The one that caught my eyes is the Aloe from Nature Republic, looks so refreshing and I'm tempted alright ^0^

The details can be found from

Wow! 92% real aloe, aloe itself are well-known for being a skin saver, universal benefit and can be use by anyone. For health related issue and beauty at the same time. 

Look at how gooey and wonderful it is, I used it on my husband's irritated skin and my daughter's dry skin. They both love it. I do too. It provide hydration and soothing experience in the same time. Love it!!! It has become a family favorite and apparently there's 8 way of using it according to Nature Republic, which is for hair, as a face mask, after shaving-for men-, relax swollen eyes, body care, nail essence, relaxing sun burn, and makeup base.

The scent is refreshingly green and lovely. Not overwhelming at all. Comfort and soothes all the way from the cooling texture and properties to the effect making skin moist and have a mild tightening effect like mentioned in the pamphlet given.

A must have! Use it after taking an afternoon shower or night bath as a face mask and it melts all your stress away. Love it!

Added words:

After reading that some girls using it as a moisturizer and causing their skin to dried up and peels off, take note that please do read the instruction carefully before using a (any) product. This is not a moisturizer. We may use it as face mask as written by Nature Republic but not as moisturizer (it is not the same).

Next is the Angle Hand by Too Cool For School and I get mine in Shea Butter, I never like the scent of shea butter, but this one is alright. The cream itself surprisingly wonderful, instead of slippery and greasy hands, it gives me a velvety smooth feeling. Softer hand and smooth skin is achieved without a fuss. The cream is white and not so thick, so even thou' it is said to be a shea butter, it's not as heavy as other brand (L'Oxxxxxx). Suitable for those who wants a hand cream on the lighter side.


  1. so that's how the aloe from nature republic looks like? :O I want it >.< I hope I can get my hands on that magz asap!

  2. i love them as well, ce ^^
    ga rugi deh belinya :3 hehe

  3. Hi Adel,

    Haha! I know! It looks ravishingly good and made me wants to swim somehow haha.

    Hi Xiao Vee,

    Totally agree! I wish all the mags in Indo is like this, almost all mags in Japan is like this, freebies in every edition that worth a whole lot more. Imagine 600 yen mag and you get a FREE Anna Sui's wallet. Crazy!!!

  4. betul ci, kalo aja rata2 majalah indo pada sering beginian kan seru >< heboh banget cosmopolitan edisi yang kali ini ><

  5. Iya Dita,

    Mari kita terus berharap heehee :)

  6. thank utk infonya aku beli tapi belum diapa2in si aloe vera tuh.

  7. awesome...jadi pengen beli cosmopolitan ni...
    thank you for sharing...:)

  8. I used to buy Elle each month but I bought Cosmopolitan this month just because of the freebies! I will be a subscriber if only they give those kind of stuffs as freebies each month :-D

  9. Hi Sekar,

    Can't help it, the minute I get my hands on it, langsung di buka n dicoba ke semua :D

    Hi Wei,

    Iya, buruan sebelum kehabisan ^__-

    Hi DocCii,

    Hahaha, kami semua setuju!!! Kalau semua majalah kaya gini seru banget.