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Summer Trip in Kansai Area (Travel and Food Edition)

Hello again,

back with some details of the trip like mentioned in my previous post (HERE). I've talked about the trip from my beauty point of view and now move on to a more general topic which is travel and food heehee. I love the food there, fresher and higher in quality.

But, first, here is my master plan and for maps, they can be downloaded, printed out or get from major station in Japan.

You may click on the schedule below to see it in larger view. I also put the cost per person in Yen, the cost doesn't include shopping ^__^

My sis help out writing and typing it all down, so do mind the language ya heehee.


Day 1

I printed everything and when I arrived in Osaka, since the details are pretty much planned, except the weather, so do check it on everyday :) I'm ready! Excitement and happy thoughts are running wild haha!

Budget wise? Not everything here is expensive, in fact if you eat like local and buy things like local, a lot of their produce are cheaper in terms of same price but excellent quality. Yes, the Japanese have a better quality in life too. Envy much?!

The first meal I bought is curry rice for 480 Yen. 1 Yen is around Rp.120, so do the math if you're curious ^___--

First day in Osaka I went to Rinku and it was wonderful, everything is wonderful, I'm in the middle of sleepiness and the earth feels wobbly from the night flight but I have to grab my chances and explore.

Rinku is big and the sale is ON so it's mad alright. Every clothing that's just reach Indonesia was already on sale here since their about to change season into autumn. Imagine GAP 70% off, Anna Sui 80% off, Coach 50% off, and many many ehm many more. I found this cute boutique where everything below 2000 Yen. Everything inside the store is trendy and beautiful, their fabric are soft to the touch and comfortable. I wanna go there again now . . .

Then I ate the tastiest soba ever. Chewy and delicious. Like a freshly made soba.

Japanese like to keep their food simple and let the original taste comes in the most fragrant way. And hmm, okay I'm not a food blogger, let me explain these from a beauty blogger point of view. They serve fresh ingredients with service from the heart. 

Day 2.

Some, I really like and familiar, still in Japan it taste 100% better than even pricey restaurant in Indo.

But still I found a few, not so good, like this instant soba at another restaurant. The dried soba taste like soft rubber when cooked. The broth is alright but the soba that aren't freshly made is far from good.

This is udon at a place near my hotel, they have fried octopus there, very very good and tasty!! I wish in Indonesia we have more octopus than just takoyaki.

The broth is simple yet exquisite.

Then we go to Kaiyukan hehe. Details here: it was fabulous, think beyond the local seaworld, this is world class. I found almost every sea creatures I know and more haha. There are so many varieties of jellyfish, prawns, fishes, and other sea creatures. Amazing!

I thought I'd be bored to death here, I'm not! Look at those giant crabs, they are bigger than human head. Scary!

Big jellyfish, cute and seems fluffy, careful they might sting.

This is the Tempozan, near Kaiyukan entrance. This is a food theme park, free entrance and found local food from the old days.

We stay at Kaiyukan until around 2 PM from around 10 AM and move on to Spa World. Details here:

It offers onsen from around the world. Many selections of spa are there from Asian to European. Men and women are separated based on floors, yes, the building are high and huge. We can relax and sleep there, it was a true relaxation place. We can soak all day long and no worries, all the amenities are free to be used, from hair dryer, shampoo, conditioner to moisturizer and so on. Towels are everywhere and they are really clean. Hungry? Use on the clothes provided according to your size and move on to another floor to get some meals. Old and young we all can enjoy :)

Day 3.

Universal Studio!

I wont give you any pictures of the usual Universal Studio that you've probably know, I meant come on, just search the images through google heehee. Let me give you images of something new. 
They have a new area open and it's Sanrio!! Hello Kitty fans, come here, I'm in her place.

Dressed in Hello Kitty bow, there's tons ow bows there and Hello Kitty's in many designs.

And inside, you can take pictures with Hello Kitty herself :D
Aside from Sanrio,
a lot of the rides here are awesome, you have to try the Hollywood Dream, fantastic!

Still, I prefer Tokyo Disneyland thou' haha the rides are more enjoyable, like Spiderman here is dizzy and I dislike the movement, and the Back to The Future need some upgrading on the video, it's too old. I went to Universal Studio in Los Angeles 18 years ago, it was cool back then but now, I want HD! The rest, especially for the kids, it was wonderful.

Don't forget to check out the stuffs they sell, kawaii! Look at this cookie monster hat, very funny!

Right outside Universal Studio we get some snacks. It was 9.30 PM and after adrenaline rush we want some munchies, please.

From Pancake to Takoyaki Museum, you hardly missed it. Must try too, the lines can be long but unless you've stay there in Osaka as in live there, use your chance and give it a go.

We get ours in multiple flavors.

Small yet delicious. Do not compare them with the one sold in Indonesia, or anywhere else but here, it's like totally different. The ingredients are in higher quality and the taste is so yummy.

Day 4

It's raining, so we switch our schedule and visit the malls right in front of our hotel. Umeda is surrounded with high end malls and they got almost everything here.

This is where we get our breakfast and packed our lunches too. Varieties of fresh seafood, cooked delicacies, sushi, tempura, and everything you can imagine from a Japanese food, and still they have a section of dessert separated. The entire hall for food!

These are the local's specialties, kushi kushi. Deep fried food on a stick. Served with some sauce and irresistible. Who doesn't like deep fried food?

After the rain stop and apparently there's a train problem, delays for more than an hour, they have announced it but we couldn't understand why since the announcement is in Japanese language.

The closest place we can reach is Namba by private line instead of JR. Namba is a shopping district where you can found many many many shops from local brand to international. Uniqlo, Zara, Kiehl's, they are there!

I don't know why I kept giving you pictures about food, oh yes, they are damn good haha, I dislike raw egg here in Indonesia, but love it here. Dunno why?!

If you happen to visit Osaka and in Namba area, near Dotombori, where you see Glico man, in the neighborhood you'll found there restaurant with lines in front. They sell takoyaki, okonomiyaki and yakisoba. Try the yakisoba, it's soo good, all of us agrees on that!

Day 5


A beautiful place where Mt.Rokko is located.

First . . . let's eat XD

A local food somewhat like sukiyaki and raw egg (again, the raw egg here are yummy) then off we went to Mt.Rokko.

The trip was really fun and easy, take the train to Sannomiya from Osaka. There's some train with different time table and price. just choose the one closer to you and it should be fine, there's not much of a difference except which station they stops.

The goal is reach the top and with cable car, we can, hooray! No need hiking or sweats like a pig, just sit down and enjoy the cool, clean, mountain air.

Let me give you a view from the top :)

Bring your sunnies, use sun protection and wind-proof lashes heehee.

After 2-3 hours there, we went to China Town in Motomachi and have a nice dinner.

Salad with raw egg, what can I say?! It got me hooked ^__^

Day 6

Oh nooo the end almost near, really, that's what I feel back then, I love Japan. I wanna stay . . .


You've know the temples, it's like the minute I say Kyoto most of the people imagine the beautiful Geisha, Kimonos, and shrine. But do you know Kyoto is very famous with local snacks? As in sweet titbits?

This is one of the trademark. Inside is a sweet jelly like thingy and outside the crisp thin layer decorated with seasonal flowers.

We went to Nishiki Market and have a wonderful time there, it's just a big block where you walk inside, somewhat like Pasar Baru but it's all Japanese haha! We spend 3-4 hours there, every shop, stall, store is different and unique. We bought so many things, from gifts to relatives, snacks, food and ice cream too. Soya ice cream!

Day 7.

Osaka Castle and Dotombori again haha! We can get enough there's so many store to explore and one is famous for the tourist for having everything and at a bargain price too.

This is the miniature of Osaka Castle, it is a grande place after all.

Let me remind you that it's a long walk to go into the castle, so use your favorite shoes/sandals that's easy on the feet :)

That building over there is my favorite. Look at that! Chameleon.

I'm almost there, it's right by the entrance, ooh! Going here in Spring or Autumn or maybe winter will be a lot better, not hot.

There it is!!! Beautiful. Even though most of the castle is not the original one anymore, still inside you can learn the history about Summer War, how come the castle got burned, again and again, and the original design and what is it for.

The view from the top.

After going down and walk around, we found this perfect spot for taking picture. Zen all over!

Then, let's go to Dotombori, Namba.

There are many turns in Namba so you'll easily missed some turns and it's a different street already, ask around, they usually kind enough to help. Ask nicely and smile :) You'll get answered. This is one of the stall we went.

And no way we would missed the opportunity eating sushi here in Japan, fresh and the variety is more than any Japanese restaurant in Indonesia. Yums!

Small, bar-like table and everything is in front of you. Grab only what you need and eat happily.

Day 8.

Going home.

The day we've been avoiding is here ... so sad. But we'll definitely come again and eat more delicious food in Japan, don't forget to try on some curry, takoyaki (octopus ball), okonomiyaki, kushi kushi, ramen, soba, yakisoba, and many more.

Last tips:

Buy your flight when the bargain is there, discount, sale price, promo, etc. Take your time.
In booking a hotel, with a slight differences if the pricier one gives you better access everywhere, get that one, it saves you a lot of time and transportation money too.
Google everything you need, from how to get there, famous and must visit places, and so on
If you can't bear the fuss, join traveling agencies but only a reputable one for an assurance of comforts and safety.
In Japan, most restaurants and food stalls gives free water to drink, it would save you some money.
Some medicine are not widely and openly sold there without prescription, so if you have certain medical condition, bring your own medicine.
Everywhere you go try to learn a bit on local language, you'll be appreciated and they response to your need of help way better that insisting your own language. English is a must-able language.


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