Thursday, September 20, 2012

Karl Lagerfeld for shu uemura collection Media Event

Hello girls!

Couple days ago, I was invited by Shu Uemura Indonesia for the Karl Lagerfeld and here we are greeted by mon shu girl ^^

There she is. It's an invasion of mon shu girl, there are so many of her here ^0^

She is so cute, iconic and super stylist. Bob hair with a straight fringe and red eyes, haha! That's kinda scary but the lips so adorable. Like she can't be taken lightly.

The event soon starting and Ms. Regina is up front with her presentation. Ooh! All the models are dressed and wear makeup like mon shu girl.

Mr. John Pagaduan in action. A step by step tutorial of making a mon shu girl with the new collections dedicated.

I've tried some of the makeup given on the spot. This is eye and cheek palette (karl for shu prestigious bordeaux palette)

As always the product is amazing and the colors just pop out, it made the eyes looks bigger, deeper and colorful easily. In one palette, multiple creation can be made. From the delicate soft pinkish to the edgy dark purple and glittering gold.

Price: Rp. 725.000

The rest of the range:

eyelash curler: Rp. 280.000
cleansing beauty oil premium A/O advanced: Rp. 1.070.000
eyeliner: Rp. 280.000
karl for shu mini eyelashes: Rp. 500.000
rouge unlimited: Rp. 260.000

Who wouldn't know that famous eyelash curler by Shu Uemura, now with mon shu girl attached.

Yes, I'm a fan, she is cute in every way =^__^=

The rouge unlimited

I tried all 4 of them, here they are: 

My favorite color from all four

The one I pick when feeling nude

When spring is around

and when the confident hits me to become a power girl.

All four is luxurious, comfortable and smooth to the lips.

karl for shu mini eyelashes in close up look. Collectible? Definitely!

Here is the rest of the collection at Shu Uemura today including the Chocolat-Donna, find them all in Shu Uemura's counter near you.

Last but not least, thank you Shu Uemura for inviting us to meet mon shu girl!

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