Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How to Look Good During Summer Trip - Beauty Tips


August 2012 is a month I've been waiting for the last 6 or maybe 8 months and I've prepared myself for months as well. I went to Kansai area which is Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto. I'm not joining any tour since Japan is a very friendly and safe country with a world class transportation and services. So, worldwide tourists can find their own way here and there with minimum risk of getting lost or find trouble.

This is not my first time visiting Japan and hmm, I never get bored either, there's always something new and never enough time to visit them all. My first visit to Japan is Tokyo for 6 days and I literally cry in the airport when leaving Narita, I don't want to leave Japan, then my second one is a short visit since I'm flying solo to Tokyo as well, around 4 days. And this is my third visit to Japan and decided to change my destination to Kansai.

Osaka is located in Kansai area, very close to Kobe and Kyoto, that's why I think it is best to visit all of them at once since 9 days seems enough to see it all, or so I thought haha ^0^ I picked August 2012 knowing we can take longer time without making those whose working on-leave (my husband and friends).

I'm going there with my family, and my 2 best friends whose now blessed with husbands and kids on their own, plus my sister. A group of 10 people to be exact and I'm the travel planner.

Planning a trip is not easy, catering all of us needs (most is mine haha!) and a throughout search via online took me months as well. I want to make the most of my time there and the result is . . . sore and tired feet every single day ٩(×̯×)۶

But it's okay thou', I get my exercise there and see so many things and experience more. And hmm, no traveling without taking pictures, so here's my share on looking good during traveling, do's and dont's and some tips as well.

First is surviving a 7 hour flight.

Sounds dreadful? It does if you don't prepare. Liquid are limited nowadays so pack everything accordingly. I pack many sachets and small vials of products in a clear zip lock bag and put it inside my purse. From cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer and sun protection is all there and since the air is really dry up there I brought my utmost moisturizing products which is Kiehl's Ultra Facial and Biotherm Aquasource Hydrating Cream for Dry Skin, yums, they are the best!

Hydrating mask also good but it get's really cold inside the plane as well, so facial mist is better and you can apply whenever you need a boost as well. Still, plenty of drinks is advisable and your legs also can keep on moving, avoiding cramps and other problems since you have to keep visiting the loo thanks to all the water you drank. 

The minute I arrived after a red eye (night flight) I went to Rinku which is 10 minutes away from the airport (KIX). Taking a shuttle bus (100Yen) and I found this wonderful . . . factory outlets, hooray!!! It is a premium outlets where they sell a lot of cool fashion items like GAP, Coach, Furla and yes, Anna Sui. Visit their website here:

And tips No.1 is to take a good (long) distance of yourself during picture time when you just took a 7 hours flight and your last shower is 20 hours ago. Touch up is difficult when juggling around passport, immigration, luggage and traveling companions ¯\(°_o)/¯  . So be nice to your self and lowered the expectation of looking damn gorgeous at the first pic

The next day I can experiment more on the ambiance. The hot and humid weather is something that need to be tackled and figuring out which make up work best beating the melting foundations and non-waterproof products.

Careful with your choices of clothing, when traveling, comfort always plays an important role, but a major discomfort looking at them especially at the pictures. I made a mistake by using a loose clothe, they aren't give body part some credits o(╥﹏╥)o

The sandal also comfortable but not very appetizing. On the next day I use the one that gives heels but still comfy for long distance walking, like Crocs.

Lighting!!! I look a lot better in better lighting and the image become clearer too, still I better stick to a close up when using these kind of attributes. Airy clothing is essential during summer trip since the humidity level can be quite high and sweats a lot. Think of layers, thin layers.

Still, I get myself some products on the spot, they have so many cooling product that comfort the body will coolness and helps me a lot during hot days out there. The powder sheet if the first, just swipe the wipes at your body, ehm . . . armpit, behind neck, chest and backside too. Anywhere where's it is sweaty and sticky the powder sheet will gives a powder and powder sensation, so the skin become soft, smooth and dry again. Odor also removed in a jiffy. Biore also sells some variety of the powder sheet, and one even contained UV protection, neat!

The pink bottle (Sea Breeze) is a peach-scented cooling water. Kinda like minty feeling and can be sprayed directly to the skin. An immediate cooling sensation is there and I do stop sweating immediately. But the effect are gone after 30 minutes or so, I used it only when I drenched in sweats. It helps a lot. I use half a bottle during my visit to Universal Studios. The scent is lovely and gives immediate effect on the skin, but careful for those with sensitive skin or open wound, avoid!

Next is cooling water for the clothes, so do not apply it directly on the skin. The mints kinda like 'minyak angin' hehe, but the cooling also quite effective. But since they don't have added scent like the pink bottle, I stick to Sea Breeze (comes in several choices of scents). For kids or men who doesn't really care about scent or those with sensitive skin would enjoy this more thou'. Just spray it on the clothes and after 1-2 hours can apply it again. It does have stronger effect than Sea Breeze.

Next is . . .
Sunnies! A cool accessories that perks up and help protecting your sight too! Never forget to put on some sun screen to your body as well. Looking good means away from sun burns and painful visible redness too. Looking pretty means happy face as well. So always pay attention to small details during the trip, which is prob difficult due to the excitements, plans and other conditional occurrence.

Prepare in advance and you are ready! I even make myself some clothing charts, items to be used, and so on.

The next tips is do use your makeup and update your look where your at. Japanese people are very neat, so using makeup also take a lot of effort in their trends and adjust yourself to look as good as they are. I bought myself some fake lashes and pencil brow to match my look. A fake lashes is an excellent way to create a prettier image without fearing smudges. Get a good glue and your eyes are in a good frame throughout the day.Or carry your glue, they are tiny and wont cause any difficulties carrying it everywhere.

The toilets here are clean as well, you'll find no problem finding them and use it happily.

Try to be authentic and see your surrounding.

Embrace the nature and it is okay to be on the side of the picture.So when you go home, there's a variety of choices, great for FB pic profile or cover heehee. Kobe is beautiful and I thought it's just about the bridge. They have Mt. Rokko and many more. I'll share more details including my schedule and fee on my next post.

Hat! A very cute and cheap accessory. I get mine for 100 yen (around Rp.12.000) in a 100 yen shop. Since I can't use fake lashes and sun glasses at the same time, I need a hat to protect my sight from the soaring rays. Really, the sun shone like it never shine before, haha! In Jakarta, I enjoy being inside buildings all the time, and we tend to use car every single time during transportation, rarely walk and face the day. During a trip, I always walk and try to live like local. While all the locals wearing hats, me too ^__^

Clearly on this day (Kyoto) I have a chance to play a bit with my hair. Curled up for a choices of pictures and experiment more.

The octopus looks oily and I stays matte haha. The market is filled with local delicacies and I love it, the interaction with the locals feels real and it's just comfortable.
I use Shu Uemura BB Mousse, since it included SPF(details and review HERE), followed by Palgantong Powder (details and review HERE) and the powder stays on for the whole day, superb superb superb! Look at my picture, it was taking at noon, after sweating like crazy since I have to walk for an hour from the station to Nishiki Market since heehee, we did a bit of detour, and the makeup doesn't melt at all. Must try and must have! My eye brow are decorated by Dolly Wink Pencil Brow in Honey Brown (HERE).

Know your skin, I know my skin type it helps me a lot in figuring out which one might work and which is isn't. 

If you happen to have a long hair and like to doll-up like me, try not to use any foam, hair spray or gel that make the hair stiff, It does keep your hair tidy but when you face outdoor and get the wind and humidity once it is ruin, it would be more difficult to face the tangles, so leave it au naturale or use products that gives natural flows. When the wind catches your hair, it will stays beautiful.

This is Osaka Castle. The small garden is right next to the castle, it was very hot that day and I walk more than I ever did, the deep blue sky and fluffy white clouds are things I can't find in Jakarta, pollution has taken over. But in Osaka, I can still breath some fresh air, enjoying a trip also help to de-stress, an atmosphere that's good for your body and shown on the skin as well. Pure serenity.

Next I walk to the Kitahanada via train and found a suburb area which sells a lot of beauty products in cheaper price ^__^

I bought myself an eyebrow coloring by Kiss Me after trying on the spot (details and review HERE) I love how the stores here, no salesgirls or anyone bothers me during my shopping. I can read the products details and pick everything at my own pace and time. Take note that everything in Japan are in cute packaging. So I do have a tendency to buy everything haha! Look at them!

Even the exact same product sold somewhere else in the world, in here it looks better. Many items and things can be found here, from simple tools to things I've never seen before. They have thingy that actually not very essential but helps our daily life from the simplest thing possible, like a stick that made eyelids, clippers for lashes, and many more.

This is our section, isn't it? I can stay all day here.

From hundreds of yen to thousands, from an unknown brand to famous ones. I love trying on local brands that's not available in Indonesia. I guess that's the point of traveling too, trying on local stuffs. This is a beauty galore for me and in big cities you can easily found them sprouting everywhere and do compare their prices since the difference can be quite a lot. One store to the other always have different promotion and you can save a lot by taking your time. But if you don't have the time, it is okay to splurge a bit than to stay awake in the middle of the night after you go back and regretting, haha!

And I found LUSH!!! Love this brand! Their scent can be smell blocks away. They are pricey alright, like a bath bomb can cause around 800yen per piece, yes! That's one bath bomb can only be used one time, that's a pricey bath time alright. But still, I'm easily seduced by Lush. They have the new colors for makeup now and they all look so good. From lippy, eye shadows and liners, they all look really tempting.

So my suggestion is, when you decided to go to Japan and happens to visit the big cities, you may leave all your beauty products at home (or just bring the essentials) and be experimental with theirs, they have gazillions of products that are really good and some can only be found there.

I forced nicely suggested my sis to buy this gel for moisturizer and it was wonderful. I'll make a review soon, no worries ^__^ I bought myself many items that's turn out to be excellent and much cheaper than famous brands. Japan also famous for being no.1 in serving the customers with best of the best skincare. From the utmost sensitive skin to problematic, they have it all. Complete and highly praised for being effective. You've heard FANCL, Steamcream, Lancome, and many more are made in Japan. So from local brand like FANCL to those French's stuff are made there appraising the high standard.

Makeup lover? It's like a dream come true coming here, Heroine, Kiss Me, Dolly Wink, Candy Doll, to a more establish brand like Kate, Kanebo, Shiseido, and so on. You've stock yourself for sure!

Last but not least at the airport when I about to go home, I found Kiehl's at KIX. And they also have many other stores for a last minute beauty shopping and other essentials for gifts.


Plan your trip so you can have a pleasant time there.
Open to new experience, products, food, and so on.
Traveling to a great country means the amenities are all there, pack light and buy stuff on the spot.
Summer trip means thin material of clothing and see what the locals do, wear and use to ease the heat, including their makeup and beauty products sold at the moment are coherent with the season.
Protection is always important, secure all your belongings and have a safe trip.

Last but not least, enjoy your holiday, looking great and feeling great as well.

Stay tune for my next posts and I'll share more details . . . remember that Japan is NOT as expensive as everyone thought.


  1. Awesome post and amazing advices. I love it! Thank you. I have been to Japan and will visit again when my children are s bit older (don't want to go there where they don' t have memories of places yet.) I am amazed how you can still look so pretty in a hot summer day (I look horrible and can't stand to have my hair down walking in a hot summer day. Bravo to you! You look great) anyway, this is actually one of the best post on tips for travelling overseas. Thank you!

  2. Ok I think my comment did not get posted. Darn mobile phone (driving me insane at times) just want to say GREAT post! I have been to Japan and loved it though I won't look as good as you (I will not have my hair down during hot summer time and lots of walking, it will be up in a bun)lol. One of the best post I have read for tips on travelling overseas. Thank you.

  3. Hi Rosdiana,

    Haha! Thank youuuu, oh yes, I forgot to add, let the makeup set and dry before 'the fight' out there in the sun, it definitely helps everything in place for the whole day :D