Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Anna Sui Nail Color N in 210

Hi pretty ladies!

You've read my post of my recent encounter with Anna Sui: HERE, now I'll give you the nail color in 210 review.

Please take a look at Anna Sui website to found out more.

There are 32 colors and which one I've tried? The classic Anna Sui's color, yes, deep purple.

The scent is ah-may-zingg I meant it. There's tea rose everywhere and it stays on the nails up to 3 days. I kept sniffing my nails \^0^/

I really love the depth of color, it was intense. Now, I've used it for 5 days and they are still so pretty. It doesn't chipped easily.

When it was applied the lacquer felt a bit runny and has to be applied 3 times to achieve the perfect color for me. It dries quite fast, not 60 seconds but still in minutes.

The bottle is awesome. Like every items from Anna Sui, they are collectibles.

I love it!

Thank you Anna Sui Indonesia

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