Monday, September 10, 2012

D'Eyeko Super Full 107

Hello gurls!

I'm back with more lashes from D'Eyeko ^^

Who doesn't love a pretty lashes on their eyes, it create illusion and charm on a beautiful way.

Please do read my previous review, HERE, I use a different lashes from D'Eyeko there.

Again, thank you for D'Eyeko, sending me 4 type of lashes ^^

And no 107 in Super Full will be my next trial

Here she is. Like a flower in full bloom, embarking for all the attention she deserved.

And this is me using it. Again, the thin lashes are delicate, firmer than Felling Pretty, softer than other brand. For me I need to focus when using it. The lashes is not firm enough to be used with one hand, well at least my hand heehee, so a tweezers will help me and they are so light too. Usually other brand in this fullness will be heavy.

These are the products from closer view. They gave me bigger eyes instantly. That day I didn't use the glue given, somehow it doesn't stick like I want it to be. So I use my own, the one that I get used to. The lashes stays all day and feels lighter than any other brand.

Each of the lashes can be use again and again, my advice is when pulling them off, do it gently and peel away the leftover from the glue with tweezers or nails. There are many glue on the market, one's that clears out once dried, one's like fiber, which is gentle to the skin, one's colored (black, white, etc) and many more.

The one given by D'Eyeko is clears when dried and somewhat watery. Suitable for light or natural-like lashes. Heavier lashes will be heavy for the glue.

The lashes are comfortable since there are no plastic as the structure, so it was made with cotton, which means comfort and nothing pokes the eyes. But it's not as firm as plastic, so it comes with a preference I guess.

That's it for now ^__^

Thank you so much and see you soon.

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