Monday, September 10, 2012

A Sweet Day with Miss Candy by L'Oreal Paris

Hello everyone!

Miss Candy is here and she is from L'Oreal Paris, giving you a sweet world of cosmetics.

Here I am, sitting down on a fully decorated room, all in delicacies of pastels.

Sweets, candies, cotton candies, cupcakes and many more, it was any child dream come true, sugar rush! But we're not here for the sweets delight.

In front of me is a full collection of makeup, ready to transform anyone into Miss Candy.

Miss Candy?

There it is a girl with lips as sweet as candy and colored in pastels. Sugary and lovable.
L'Oreal Paris has invited us to enjoy these beautiful collection.

Mr. Adi the Official MUA for L'Oreal Paris is here, ready to share his tips and knowledge.

While waiting for other guess to arrived, I'm trying their nail colors, oh yes, all the details about the product can be found HERE, their official press release.

I'm using 3 Color Riche Le Vernis

I love their shine and tone. Without the need of using top coat the glaze are already glossing. It dries up around 10-15 minutes.

Then the event started with a lovely coral dress MC greeting everyone here.

Followed by the lovely Ms. Lia, her blouse is so cute, everything and everyone is in the mood for pastel She shares with us the video, enjoy!

Aren't they irresistible?

Now, let see the make up in real life.

Ready to give us a demo ^^

Ms. Didi, a girl who rarely use makeup become the model and look at her face after the makeover! She looks happier ^^ A sweet makeup can do that to people.

And all of us can try the products as well. I start with Glam Shine, I found these two tones swirls to be sumptuous and tempting.

Smooth, soft and ultra glamorous with the shine and gloss.

Try it yourself!

Then I have my chance trying on Color Riche Nutri Shine. 5 choices of colors ready to spoiled the lips.

The adorable names.

The swatches, not satisfy with swatches? Me too!

I've try them on, one by one.

507 Miss Raspberry

506 Miss Orange

505 Miss Strawberry

504 Miss Caramel

503 Miss Marshmallow
Which one do you like? I like Miss Strawberry and Miss Raspberry ^^ but each one of them are all so moist and delicate to the lips.

Thank you so much L'Oreal Paris Indonesia for having me, see you all soon!


  1. nail polishnya cute bangeeet >.<

  2. Hi mels,

    Indeed, stay tune ya, there will be a giveaway from L'Oreal Paris right here at my blog :)