Monday, September 3, 2012

Giorgio Armani Fragrances for Ladies (Armani Code Luna, Acqua di Gioia) and Gents (Essenza)

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I'm back with more reviews on perfumes . . . love 'em and I guess they are the ones that invigorate my inspirations and perk me up every single time.

Perfume is always something that's personal, either you love it or hate it, it's like a personal taste. But Giorgio Armani for me is always something that I've looked for and get excited. I guess his taste suits mine, both for ladies or in men's collection.

Thanks to Giorgio Armani Indonesia, I was given a chance to try some of Giorgio's Collection.

The new Acqua di Gio Essenza -edp- (read the press release --> HERE including the notes and background too) 

The smell is just sensational, masculine, yet still fresh and clean. I like my men smelling like Essenza, strong and sensual. Hmm, is it just me or the scent can be used for me as well. There's a bit of vibration of being, crisp, young and free . . . and universal too. Thanks to the citrus, I guess.

Suitable for men whose just turn 30 or maybe anyone whose young at heart and full of life. Watch out ladies, this one is a magnet.

Next is the one attached to the postcard ^__^ the lovely Acqua Di Gioia

Product details from

Acqua di Gioia is a hymn to nature in all its forms. It is a clean, incredibly fresh, aquatic scent that is ultra-approachable, yet memorable.
• HEAD: Begin with a “mojito” inspired sensual blend of crushed mint leaves, warmed by brown sugar and mixed with the zest of Italian Limone.
• HEART: Feminine floral notes emerge with joyous hints of acquatic Jasmine, dew of Peony and subtle traces of pink pepper.
• BASE: Its signature Mediterranean trail is rooted by the hearts of cedarwood and Labdanum.

Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia - The new essence of joy.

And it looks like a favorite for so many people since products after products are delivered to complete the whole set. From body cream, hair mist, body mist, satin, roller ball, lotion and some more as well. So anyone can use their favorite Acqua di Gioia anywhere and however they please. And I can see why, the flower is wonderful and those pink pepper is definitely there, adding another layer of femininity and strength the the scent.

As usual all the Acqua series are burst with aquatic scent, fresh and clean feeling, wonderful, young and sophisticated at the same time without overwhelming the sense. I imagine a young vibrant woman, independent yet sweet and lovely as she is, a bit wild, like a mermaid in her own world.

Then, I try on the slender Armani Code Luna -edt-
product details from

For this new interpretation of Code, Dominique Ropion created a "vanilla eau de toilette", fresh and floral, leaving a mesmerising wake. To lead in, bright citrus-like and sparkling bergamot notes, green accents of bitter orange essence, and a pear chord, crisp as fresh fruit.
At its core, the orange blossom absolute - the real olfactory signature of Code Luna - combines with a stunning "moonflower", filmy and light as air. With the botanical name EphiphyllumOxypetalum, it thrives in areas of light and shadow. Cultivated in India, legend has it that it only opens and flowers during the full moon. Rare and mysterious, its whiteness is a reflection of its purity; it grows and blooms to its fullest in the moonlight.
On the bottle, a subtle play on light.
The frosty base evokes the freshness and mystery of the moon. Soft to the touch, it offers a note of sensuality; while, the floral motif – the line’s hallmark - allows the light to filter through the delicate light-blue liquid.

Ooh the vanilla, you won't be able to miss-guessed the aroma alright, it would be the first thing you recognized and somewhat reminds me a lot of Coca Cola Vanilla, which is my favorite Coca Cola flavors of all time, too bad not all countries carries it but it was sweet and beautiful as a vanilla could ever be. It was superb and a bit like Valentino's (Valentina), they have the same sweetness that's a delight with more sophistication and mesmerizing as any lady or blue blood princess have.

For me Code Luna is irresistible. A scent that I truly adore and will easily falls in love to for being ultra feminine, delicate and beautiful. Layers of gorgeousness.

In the end all three offers a choices for a wide variety of people out there, endearing, something to love of be loved by.

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