Thursday, January 29, 2015

Pure BA-YU Shampoo, Pure BA-YU Treatment, Kakicha Tannin Body Soap

Hello everyone,

those whose been to Japan and tried their spa, must have known that most spa offers their 'signature' toiletries. Yes, unlike hotels with minis bottle and to small to handle products, all bath house and hotels in Japan offered a full size toiletries in at least 500ml bottle.

Now, talking about signature toiletries, one of the biggest onsen at Hokkaido carries pure BA-YU products. These horse oils based ingredients are known to be beneficial for the human hair and skin.


All details from NaGiSa House.

Japan's long-term sales of spa products, one of the highest efficacy horse full of oil, can accelerate the metabolism of the hair follicles, moisturizing special oblige hair growth faster, more supple and shiny Fa anti-off, in addition to help improve the scalp due to frequent blow dyeing and grow older and become vulnerable to moisturize dry hair head Fa, Fa clean oily substance weak acid: can effectively protect the lower scalp irritation: reduces irritation caused by itchy scalp Features: Because it is all natural manufacture, no chemical composition, so much foam. In addition, the biggest feature of this product is the use in the summer is not too greasy too sticky, all-season use.


It is an oil shampoo alright, I can immediately felt the oil in the shampoo. The lathering is just fine but even after rinsing everything off, some of the oils can be felt, but they are like a dry oil, so it's not heavy nor greasy....for a half day. Since I do have greasy scalp this shampoo I need to rewash my hair every 18 hours with this, so it doesn't last 24 hours >.<

The shampoo itself has minimal scent but still cleans the hair well, those with dry hair will love the immediate effect on the hair, shiny and looks healthier. So for me, I think I'm using it for my hair strands only and not the scalp.

Suitable for the men and those with dry hair and scalp.


Spa Hotel, one of Japan's most popular horse popular products give full play to the effectiveness of the oil, can accelerate the metabolism of the hair follicle contains three kinds of botanical ingredients, moisturizing special forces oblige hair growth faster, more supple and glossy anti-de-Fa, In addition to the scalp will improve due to frequent blows and they age and become infected fragile moisturize dry hair head Fa, Fa quality performance weakly effective protection of clean oily scalp, lower stimulation can reduce irritation caused by itchy scalp with the US-based troops Oil Shampoo with better product characteristics: Because it is all natural manufacturing, no chemical ingredients, so much foam, can also reduce the burden on the hair. The most outstanding feature of this product is another use in the summer is not too greasy, too sticky, all seasons.

In Japan, they don't say conditioner, they say hair treatment or hair rinse.

This is also contain horse oil but surprisingly very light and comfortable to be used. Very faint scent as well. Slippery and silky is the two things pop up at my head when using it but doesn't have any greasiness. The treatment is definitely only made for the hair and not the scalp.

After using these two my hair doesn't look dry anymore even thou I kept coloring them. They don't make the color easily fade as well, I know they are not made for colored hair but on me so far so good and I adore the shine they made. Yes, the scalp easily get greasy again when I use the shampoo on the scalp but beside that, the hair looks great and healthier.


Containing a large number of unsaturated fatty acids in the oil of high quality pure horse horse oil in unsaturated fatty acids can penetrate deep clean the skin using five kinds of natural plant ingredients made ​​of, moisturizing effect is particularly strong especially for sensitive, dry skin soft and radiant skin Four Seasons Jiayi does not contain any chemical composition, a small amount of soft foam produced does not increase the burden on the skin of mineral oil-free, all natural products


Just like their brother and sister here, the body soap also have faint scent. The creamy body soap help cleans the skin but doesn't really moisturize the skin like mentioned above. It's not very drying, more like okay but not in a moisturizing category, my skin still rather dry.

I think compared all three the body soap is the most 'common' one with really unseen benefits. The things is everyone in the family (even kids) can use it but that's it.


  1. Hi, I bought 2 bottles of the 1000ml hair shampoo when I was holidaying in Hokkaido last year. Can you tell me how/where I can buy them. I want only the original Pure BA-YU shampoo. Thanks.

    1. Hi Karen,

      Sorry, I also got them from Hokkaido, so I don't know other places that sells.

      After googling, there are a few online shops from Taiwan that sells, but I can't guarantee it's really the same or not.