Monday, January 5, 2015

Revive Lash

Hello lovelies,

I'm back with another review with a lash conditioner. I know the title could be misleading as it is NOT like a hair conditioner which needed to be rinsed out, but lash conditioner is actually a leave in treatment for the lash, most of them are made to help them grow stronger, longer and darker as well. And Kawaii Beauty Japan also have one from Revive Lash


The red box with black line is the exterior packaging of the product, inside there's a black tube with white wand with soft sponge-like brush. This is the applicator. The product itself is like a clear runny jelly that fells a bit sticky when used on the eyes. There's no scent found in it.


Written on the black tube: "It is an essence for the eyelashes for reviving the eyelashes which are strong and have tension."

Do mind the language a bit since this is a Japanese product, the price itself is around 5000 Yen, so this is in the premium category.

I think the price of the product itself is quite reasonable, since after all this is the product used on the eyes area, on their website it is called as an eyelash serum, so it's potent enough.


Above is the instruction and details on how to use it and below is me after using the product around 2 weeks negligently. Why negligently? I'm not a big fan of the sticky feeling it has on the lids, and usually waking up there will be like this white gunk residue on the lids. So I use it for around 2-3 weeks once a day before sleep, here's the result.


Noticeable results within that period of time and not so routine usage. The lashes are definitely looking darker, longer and areas where there's usually lack of lashes has now grow new ones (yippie!! Those sticky feeling pays off >.< )


Will I continue using it? Yes! When I need a boost of extra lashes and when I want a natural longer an fuller looking lashes that can be curled easily for a curly eyelashes without the need of using falsies or getting an extension.

The results from using Revive Lash are also permanent and when I'm using falsies (for that extra oomph effect), some of my natural lash usually got plucked out as well when removing the falsies, so Revive Lash is actually helping me in 'healing' those issues too.


a product that really effective and show significant result in a matter of weeks.

Thank you

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