Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sabai-arom The Philosophy of Happiness Tangy Delight Body Cream

Hello all,

meet Sabai-arom and their product, a tangy body cream.

Looking at the design we all know that this must be a citrusey one with a whole lotta freshness. Do check out their website, their philosophy is just lovely and made happiness a simple everyday life.


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Theya re 100% vegetarian, kind to all including nature and animal, and sustainable.

Below are the key ingredients:


The idea of a tangy delight, a true boosting companion. Surely do, with the awakening scent of citrus. Beside Tangy Delight collection, Sabai-arom also carries honey, jasmine, rose and even chili collection.


Below is the cream, the milky orange colored cream with tons of juicy orange scent the minute I applied them all over my body. The cream may feels like a thick lotion at first but after massaging and enjoying the scent, the cream will stays on the skin leaving them soft and not sticky. This is my current favorite body cream, I used to avoided every body cream since it usually very sticky, but this one doesn't.


And the creamy formula helps my dry skin stays moist, usually on my legs. Now it stays moist longer than lotion (of course) but without the greasy and other unwanted effect. Best of all, the delicious mandarin orange scent that lingers for hours.

Beside the Body Cream, Tangy Delight variant also features shower gel, nourishing oil, and hand cream.


The product also pretty affordable as well.



A must try product with wonderful fresh sweet citrus scent, not sticky creamy formula that suits dry skin type, and doesn't contain harsh chemical like paraben.
I hope I can try more of Sabai-arom soon ^^

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