Monday, January 12, 2015

Canmake Cream Cheek No.13

Hello lovelies,

I'm back with more products from Canmake Japan ^^ heehee, yes, I did splurge a bit and actually I want to get everything on the shelves, but thinking that it wont be effective, so I just bought one of each kind >.~

Now, the Cream Cheek from Canmake. First of all, Canmake, a drugstore brand from Japan that made a huge hit for being super Kawaii and everything is fluffing pretty.

Mine is in Love Peach, as it looks so much like pink, I bet they name it after momo, as Japanese peach is pink and not orange like peach from other country.


The packaging of the product is this round shaped thin container with somewhat like diamond cut clear plastic clam like lid. The cream looks so pretty and I wish I have all 11 shades (but it is not possible, at the store itself they usually lack of 2-3 shades). From red, purple to coral, like all the shades a cheek could have.


Wanna see the swatch? Of course heehee, here it is (and now let me cry after ruining the perfect pudding surface of the product).


Creates a complexion that exudes health from deep within your skin, like a fountain of happiness.Blends in with your skin as though melting into it, ensuring that your complexion stays looking dewy-fresh for hours on end.

Surprising texture! A melting gel-type formulation that becomes dry after application.
・The melting gel-type texture, which is silky-soft on your fingers, becomes dry from the instant you apply it to your cheeks!
・Contains masses of emollient agents that are highly compatible with your skin (squalene of vegetable origin and amino acid-based emollients), enclosed in a special stretchy gel, which not only protects your skin from drying out, but also improves the blusher's adhesion to your skin, making it longer-lasting.
・Highly compatible with all foundations!
Can be used on top of powder foundations and liquid foundations.
Versatile coloring
・Gel-type formulation for vibrant color that looks just as it does in the container.
Melts into your skin, revising your complexion to make it look as though it has been lit from within, and lasts for hours and hours.
・There are various ways to layer the colors!
Apply one layer only for a natural complexion.
Apply further layers to your preferred degree of intensity, to customize your look!

1.ball of your finger and dot the color onto your cheeks, as though pressing a stamp onto a piece of paper.
2. Gently stroke the color to blend it on your cheeks, as though joining up the dots.


Now, it may seems kinda bold on the hand but I can use it light like on the image below, or bolder for a more younger and kawaii looking makeup.


From a soft delicate pink to a strong baby pink look this cream cheek is my love.

The cream itself has a satisfying feeling when used on the skin, it's like spreading a soft butter on the skin but without the sticky nor greasy feeling, in fact there are NO greasy nor stickiness whatsoever. It dries up so fast and gives a velvety finish on the skin that last for hours and hours.

What more can I say?! It's a must have collection for me.

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