Thursday, January 15, 2015

L'Oreal Paris Lipstick Star Collor Riche Collection in Barely Greige, Barely Moka, and Barely Plum

Hello Lovelies,

first of all, I would like to give my biggest thanks to L'Oreal Paris Indonesia for sending me their beauty box. This time the theme is The Best of L'Oreal Paris 2014. Amongst them there are three lipstick from Color Riche Collection Star Nude. The stars who inspired the look are: Gong Li for Barely Moka, Sonam Kapoor for Barely Plum and Jennifer Lopez for Barely Greige.


Barely Plum.


Barely Moka.


Barely Greige.

Below is the swatches on my hand using indoor lighting and outdoor lighting.


And here's me, using the products.


Biggest image using Barely Plum, top right using Barely Moka, and bottom right using Barely Greige.

As seen the Barely Moka doesn't seem nude on me, in fact it was quite dark, while the Barely Plum is the one I found the cutest on me and Barely Greige as being pale and closer to nude than the rest. I think our natural lip and skin tone do play part on the look itself whether it can create a 'nude' tone or not. Do play with different tone and the rest of the color makeup, like extreme smokey eyes with Barely Greige or Sultry cat eye with Barely Moka, and so on.

The texture of the lipstick is smooth and like other Riche collection, rich and soft at the same time. It's not necessarily too creamy and the moisturizing effect is just right, not a lot nor minimum, but sufficient. Containt Radiance Oil and Vit E.

To get the results as seen above I need to keep reapplying a few times and the result is a semi gloss lipstick that covers most of the lines and silky finish.

The lipstick is not long wearing, so usually it will ears off after 3-4 hours and also depends whether I'm eating or not.

Bottomline, a wonderful additional color from the Color Riche Collection that will definitely loved by the fans.


  1. Kepengen nyobain yang barely muka, thanks reviewnya ci :)


  2. Aku suka lipsticknya~ Adik aku dibeliin ama nyokap, alhasil daku ikutan nyicip XD~

    Lupa punya adik warna apa, pink2 tua gimana gitu. Warnanya lumayan ngejreng, stay di bibir cukup lama, cuman susah hilangnya XD;; Harus pakai lip remover, kalau gak ntar masih ada sisa tuh di bibir terutama kalau bibirnya lagi kering.

    BTW nice review~

  3. Aku jg punya yg think pink sm sakura petal matte..bgs jg.. tp kl dipake kelamaan warna nya jd tmbh ngejreng di bibir...😕