Thursday, January 15, 2015

Isehan Kiss Me Heroine Make Super Waterproof Long and Curl Mascara in Jet Black

Hello lovelies ,

after having fun with products from Heroine Make, the craving doesn't seems to stop, I guess until I try all of them.

Feeling very happy and satisfy with their previous products (mascaras in black, brown, eyeliner,etc), I'm getting their newest collection, The Super WP (as in waterproof) Long and Curl Mascara in Jet Black, like their previous mascara is not waterproof enough, Kiss Me create another one that claim to be super waterproof (wow!).


Details from

Moment blended lock component and shape memory polymer! Quickly dry the eyelashes is fixed to the cooperation remains upwards, to keep the upward curl all day.

Instant lock component

And a quick dry at the moment that it was painted, and then strongly fixed curled lashes.

Shape memory polymers

And hardens after application and form a film, and then stores the upward shape. Does not collapse curl hanging load to the eyelashes.

Own endurance prescription blended with super guard polymer of new ingredients! By firmly coat the lashes, to prevent Black eye.

Super guard polymer
Repel the tears, sweat and water, it is the component that does not bleed to sebum. By clean coat the lashes, to prevent bleeding and fiber drop.


The packaging and design is similar to the previous mascara, still the same heroine but in different pose and do, black container with different writings.

The wand also slightly different and since mine is in jet black, hence the product color also black with metal lid.


One of the highlighted feature of this new product is the ingredients that are improved with better formula that enhance the lashes with beauty ingredients and help increasing the length of the lashes by 5mm.

When I use it I also love the no clump formula, so smooth and dries almost instantly to help tackle an accident of the mess caused by blinking.


Look at the images bellow, the mascara really add length like none. It even beat other mascara.


On the top two images I'm using none compared with when using Super WP Long and Curl Mascara, and the bottom two images are using mascara from other brand. Look how Super WP Long and Curl Mascara beats the length by far.

Closer look of comparing when using other mascara? Here it is (below)

Amazing isn't it? Like using a natural falsies.


About being waterproof? Proven to the max, it's like no smudge, melt, flake, whatsoever, it stays really really reallllyyy good. Like I want to use no other mascara than this now. I'm so happy to found another mascara that's waterproof and shame free all day long. The texture of the gel also light and can be applied easily on the lashes with smooth effect and fine result. The length is as witness above, super long and the curl is pretty, I do use my curler first and then the mascara but the curl do lash all day long.

Compared to other mascara by Heroine Make that I have is the texture of the formula which is smoother, finer and clump-free, the result of using is flake free while other may have a bit flake when using it after long hours. But all mascara from Heroine Make is waterproof and highly recommended by me.

Still, this is my utmost favorite for being the best one. Sweat proof, oily lid-proof, tear proof, let's just say Carnellin-proof since it really handle all my problems with other mascara really well.

Does it really super waterproof?
Yes, my cleansing oil can't clean them well, using another product that usually works also can not clean it 100%. So I purchase the Mascara Remover by Heroine Make to do the trick and yes, at my home, that's the only cleanser worthy to clean the Super WP Long and Curl Mascara.

Warning! For those using glasses, the long lashes effect might be a problem ^^

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