Monday, September 27, 2010

Guerlain Abeille Royale and Make Up Base

Today I got an opportunity to try Guerlain newest addition in skincare, a serum called, Abeille Royale.

This is what it said on the website:

Bee products are known to be some of the world’s most effective natural healing substances. Born from their active power, a unique serum with Pure Royal Concentrate that stimulates the key mechanisms of the healing process within the skin* to help continuously repair wrinkles and promote tissue firmness. Visible results from the very first drops: wrinkles fill out and skin is newly firm and toned. * In vitro test

This is what I feel from experiencing the mini facial (in front of) Tang Orchard today:
The serum feels so light, easily absorbed and the first thing I noticed is that the skin become plump, brighter and more relaxed (probably because of the massage too).

A big sorry from me since I'm not allowed to take any picture inside the mini treatment room.

My facial skin also feels smoother and soft at the same time. If you have the chance please do try them. For me the experience wonderful

The serum is fragrant, feminine scent, a bit powdery and musk, looks and feels precious. 30 ml a bottle and the price is over 200$.

The next thing that impress me is Guerlain makeup base called Light-Diffusing Perfecting Primer.

This is the info from their website:

All the “light” expertise of Météorites in a light-diffusing base with magical correcting and perfecting pearls. Suspended in a cool gel with an unrivalled water content to revitalise the skin, the pearls transform on contact with the skin into an illuminating base that gives the complexion a natural matt look and evens out imperfections for instant radiance without shine. One shade of delicate dew-drop pearls created by gold, pink, blue and green sparkling micro particles that gently illuminate the face and conceal imperfections, for a complexion that looks fresh, matt and even. A divine alchemy that is at once make-up and skincare that imparts a radiant and healthy complexion

and the application tips:

Gently apply to the whole face in the morning or in the evening before going out and after your usual skincare. By lightly pressing down on the pump, the pearls will blend with the gel to gently melt on the skin

My review:
I found the makeup base is very light yet gives me adequate base before makeup. My face look radiant, even the skin tone, well let just say much prettier. I feel like I don't need foundation anymore, after using the makeup base, a simple loose powder is enough. My skin looks naturally healthy and I really like it.

Will I explore more of Guerlain products? Definitely.

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