Wednesday, September 1, 2010

KAO Office

Today I went to KAO Singapore to collect my cheque from Liese. Every participant of the previous video contest can get 80$ just for participating. Please do check out their facebook page.

Feeling happy I'm not just be able to collect my prize but thinking I can get a glimpse of their new colors that coming up, but unfortunately it's not available yet in their office.

Apparently in Japan itself they have so many colors and colors for gray hair too, but the products haven't arrive in Singapore, yet!

I really Liese Bubble hair colors since they are so easy to applied and compared to other brand it doesn't cause a stink on my scalp.

I wish I can get more info or tips from Liese representative but it seems she wasn't really interested in promoting the products to me or perhaps I just come on bad timing. Well anyway that doesn't stop me from loving their products :)

Here are my favorite products from Liese:
1. Hair Cocktail. The smell is just so fruity and lovely. I can't get enough of it. My hair becomes smooth and tangle free but not heavy at all. I still want volume you know?!
2. Liese Bubble Hair Colors. Besides from the reasons above, I also like the fact that they have many unique colors and the color really turn out the same as it was said on the label.
3. Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail, that smooth out my frizz.
4. Their Designing Jelly for they help the style to last but not hardened the hair like hair spray or other brand that sometimes too oily. Don't forget to use with dry hand and hair ONLY.

Please do check out their for step-by-step usage guide.

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