Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ADefying Clear Spot - Beauty Credit

I just tried Beauty Credit ADefying Clear Spot Foam Cleansing Cream (1), Toner (2), and Clear Spot (3).

Here's my review:
(1). The Cleansing Cream is very thick, like a white paste. I lather it on first on my palm with adequate amount of water. It lather up create a thick white foam, then I applied it on my wet face. It got pleasing scents of flowery, clean the face really clean, like squeaky clean.

(2). The Toner have a strong smell of alcohol, very watery, watch out when pouring the bottle since it can easily spill from the wide opening. I thought it would be sting since the alcohol smell is strong but it's not.

(3). The Clear Spot is a thick milkish gel form, easy to apply and like 5-10 minutes later the skin feels tight, the pores seems smaller. But still after it I need another moisturizer since they are not moisturizer.

Overall I found the products is okay, no allergy or sensitiveness. Pleasing aroma too. But I need more info since what's on the label is all Korean.

Thanks to Beauty Credit I got some info for the product above:

"ADefying Clear Spot

Clear those spots away with pimple- and acne-busting ADefying Clear Spot!

ADefying Clear Spot takes immediate action against breakouts, provides soothing relief to skin and quickly calms visible redness and irritation!"


  1. You can get a little more information from here:

  2. Hi Beauty Credit,

    Thank you, will definitely check and deliberate here.