Sunday, September 26, 2010

TALIKA - the expert of specific treatments.

Today I went to SPA-Lon@Chijmes for the launch of Lipocils Expert. A new addidtion from Talika.

The product is for eye lashes, it can make longer eyelashes in 28 days. The place is nice and comforting. This is the first time I'm inside a SPA-Lon, they have some branch in Singapore, the one that closest to me is in Choa Chu Kang.

The event is just about to begin at 1.30 PM. It start with the birth of Talika.

22 bloggers attended the event. Many immediately took pictures (like I am) when the event start.

Then Ms. Lena Tian begin her presentation. You can also read more about the beginning of Talika on their website

In short, Talika first goal is to help those suffered from burns in face and eyes burns. They lost their eye lashes and Talika able to help the lashes to regrow quickly and dramatically. This statement itself answered the product is safe to use, dermatologist tested and developed in ophthalmology department.

Thanks to Dr. Danielle Roches (the doctor that develop the cream for patients suffering from face and eye burns) and Alexis De Brosses (President of Talika), Lipocils is here.

Alexis de Brosses, President of Talika explains:
"My vision of our company and brand is to propose products that are developed with full respect to Nature and to our customers".
I have only one aim: make the women who use the Talika products happier and more serene in life."

The concept of TALIKA is clear, they are natural, simple (to use), and clinically proven.

In 28 days (according to their test) eyelashes is longer in 28 days (+4mm), Darker (+50%) and Curlier (+50%).

Numerous time Ms. Lena explain that the product is safe and effective. Safety really do important for me too, eyes are very precious and I don't want just about anything goes in there.

Please click on each image to see more clearly, this is the result from the tests and more info on using the product.

How To Use:
2x = day and night.
Alone or with mascara.

Step 1:
Use Talika Lash Conditioning Cleanser.

Talika Gentle Eye Cleanser.

(more details on the products after I tried them on and make a review)

Talika Lipocils Expert.
This is the product that I'm going to use for 28 days, there will be a before and after picture and a separate post review.

Talika Lash Conditioning Cream.
A night cream for strengthening the lashes.

Talika Lash Extender.
To use between first and second application of mascara.

Talika have so many products for treatment in face, hand, eye and feet. I noticed they also have light therapy.

This is Ms.Lena Tian, she is also a contact lenses user as I am and also lipocils user, so yes, it is safe to use for contact lenses user. She also reminds us there will be a bit sting when using lipocils but bearable and only 1-2 seconds.

Then they provide us lunch while the team inside preparing an activity for us to do later on.

This is my group, a bunch of very friendly and cheerful ladies (glad I met them) and that is what we accomplished. Please do vote for our creation by commenting on this post, okay ^0^

Group Picture!

Goodies Bag from Talika

1. Eye Therapy Patch
2. Instant Manicure
3. Gift Voucher
4. Clever Cleanser
5. Lash Conditioning Cleanser
6. Pamphlets and more info
7. lipocils expert.........^0^

So more reviews coming up next...tune it okay.

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