Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Ms.Stella Ong helped me took this picture.

Today I went to AFC office at KA Building and collect my Slim Drink. I joined their Facebook page <--- click it and know more about AFC too.

In short AFC is a brand from Japan that provide supplement for health and beauty concerns.

The first product that I found interesting is Tsubaki Perfect Beauty, a collagen drink which contain 10.000 mg. It help for problems such as pigmentation, dehydration, fine lines and or wrinkles. They also have many slimming supplement that benefit our skin too.

TG Slim Drink

This is my first time consuming AFC products and I will give you a review for their TG Slim Drink that I have.

See ya!



  1. hai from mlysia...where i can buy this collagen drink?tq.

  2. Hi Jay,

    It's available in Singapore. You can email them whether they have another branch in Malaysia or able to send them via post to you.


  3. Hi!

    I was wondering where can i find this in Jakarta?

    And also, I have a real bad skin inflammation due to skin allergic - I have a very very sensitive and acne-prone skin and was trying out a new product which apparently did nothing but cause inflammation. Could you please recommend some fast relieve from this? Preferably something that can be found in Jakarta cos I have an important meeting in less than a week here.

    Lesson learned: never try new product right before the next big event.

    Thanks so much for the help. And you are very pretty.

  4. Hi Mia,

    Thanks for the compliment =^_^= heehee, never get bored hearing one haha!

    Okay, about AFC, unfortunately, I haven't found a legit distributor for them so perhaps there's like a drug store or health store that carry AFC's products, it's a possibility, but I haven't found one...sorry.

    May I recommend you use Fancl? Fancl is a skincare and beauty products from Japan, it is created by a man that loves his wife so much. Since the wife's skin is so sensitive and well, let's just say fragile, she couldn't handle just even a drop of preservative and highly sensitive. They sell skincare items, health drinks and supplement including collagen, slim drink, etc.

    Again :( boo hoo, Fancl haven't open here in Jakarta but you can get them online, I found them on kaskus, ebay, etc.

    Last but definitely not least skincare product you can use that is known for safety (a 6 months old baby can even use it) it Clinique. My best friend also have a sensitive skin, she can use The Body Shop, but if you have a severe allergic condition, Clinique is a better choice for you, just make sure the beauty consultant know your skin exactly so they give you the correct range, once they got me right, and once they are misdiagnosed. So you know your skin better than them, speak up if you think they are wrong.

    For the inflammation due to skin allergic, I suggest you take antihistamine or anti allergy medicine, I know Zyrtex is very good (again, unfortunately I haven't see them in Jakarta), but you can go to a GP or your family doctor to recommend you one that suitable for you, you may have to take allergy test to know what causes the allergy so you can avoid that specific item/s. Once you take suitable anti allergy medicine your skin should improve fast (like a day or two) after that you have to take careful measure, avoid things that can cause your allergy to react again.

    I know this is a long post and I still have a lot to say, you take them in first and take care that allergy okay, before you can try something out for ingredients that might harm you.

    Ask me again if you still need my help....hopes it help (cross finger)

    All the best,