Thursday, September 9, 2010

Skin Inc Orchard Central

Today I went to Skin Inc Orchard Central Branch, I arrived around 2 PM and all the girls are so busy with customers. So I took the privilege to take my time and take lot's of picture here. On my previous post about Skin Inc I've mention I come to their Botox Party? and I'm happy that our 'relationship' growing from there.

I got an email from Ms. Grace to meet her and to know more about Skin Inc and their products.

On the spot before Ms. Grace come, I talked to Ms. Crane (Outlet Manager). Apparently, she was once Skin Inc customer too. Her skin problem is acne, so all of you my dear reader whose been in the same dilemma as she once had, you can talk to her and find solace in your problem. She'd been to many medications and tried many different products too but according to her, none of those works as good as Skin Inc. And later on I found out that Ms.Grace also Skin Inc user, that's a big plus for me, since they speak from a personal experience.

Have I been in situation where the sales person doesn't even use the product he/she sells and doesn't even know how it even feels like on their skin? Numerous time! It's awkward and for me that's the big turn off. I'm not turning all the responsibility to the salesperson but more to the company, believe it or not customer not just looking at the model on TV or mags but to person selling the stuff in front of their eyes.

Around 10 minutes later Ms. Grace come along and we continued the conversations 3 ways, she also a user of Optimiser+ (AIO) and she gives me more tips for using it...even for stretchmarks ?? 0_o ... finally??... an answer for my stretchmarks?? (I'm getting an answer after a week okay?!)

On my previous post where Ms. Eugena let me try on Skin Inc Okinawa Deepsea Hydra MaskI secretly fell in love and feels this weird connection with that particular product. I don't know why, I'm pretty much a 'scent' person (a type of people that lured by their sense of smell), so this is a first time a product with no scent at all really fascinate me. The gel is clear, kinda light but not watery, filled with nutrient-rich of Okinawa deep sea water, got Soya Bean and Hyaluronic Acid too that said to pamper, nourish and hydrate my skin in 1 simple step....according to the pamphlet...for me it is a clear gel that make my skin feels so soft and brighten, seems so light but highly hydrating, intriguing, interesting, alluring, skin-thirst quenching, powerful and beautiful. Yes, the gel is beautiful. I love it very much and can't wait to see the effect on my facial skin.

Next product here is their mask a Multi-Action Collagen Face Mask. It was said this is the only mask that can detox, repair and replenish. I can't wait to try it on. Lesson learn from Ms. Crane, when using this mask no need to put on your Skin Inc collagen serum. This mask is full packed of collagen ^_^

These are some other Skin Inc products that complement their serum. Brought up in our conversation is how about when we use the serums with other product and Ms. Grace suggest that it is better to use with other Skin Inc products, not just for the best benefit for the serums but also just in case another brand's ingredients are contradicting to Skin Inc's.

I do agree with her, but many customer like me, we often still have plenty of other products that we mix and match, my personal suggestion is if the other brand is already 'too heavy' in the terms of concentration and forms then it is better not to use it with Skin Inc. Our skin have a limited capability to absorb nutrients all in one go and 'piling' them up is useless. If you have any doubts, talk it out with Skin Inc's advisor and do named your current brand, consult and perhaps they do have experience with that particular brand too.

During the 'meeting' today I learn that Skin Inc's serums are powerful enough and safe in the same time, it doesn't need extra 'help' from other product. Ms.Crane added that Skin Inc's products have the capability to be absorbed by our skin, so even thou the product contain high concentrate, they are in the form that acceptable for our skin to 'drink' it all up.

This is their Nano Hydrating Gel, Ms. Crane said that using this product toner is unnecessary. I haven't try it on my facial skin yet, but on my hand this milkish gel can easily be absorbed.

I really love this ad, really do! I think it suits Skin Inc very much, our skin do have their own personality, so perhaps that famous serum the other brand have that's been raving millions of users might not be suitable for you. And you probably doesn't need all that stuff inside it. While with Skin Inc you get your serums concocted just for you. All the ingredients inside are for you and perhaps you only. From 9 serums you can choose 1 or 2 or 3 or more mixed up in a bottle , just for you.

I haven't try a mixed of my serums, yet, so perhaps other time when I have a chance to.

One of Skin Inc's product info is 0% paraben and scent. Less chance of allergy or sensitiveness to the products.

(Ms. Grace and me)

(Ms. Crane and me)

These are the products they gave me Hyaluronic Acid serum, Okinawa Deepsea Hydra Mask (hooray!!), Collagen Black Mask, and the Optimiser+ (AIO) is a lend for a week only, but still...yeaaaa ^0^.

I will post day 1 in using the Optimiser+ (AIO) until day 7, with before and after pics, and one special post for the Collagen Black Mask.

Info: Optimiser (the single light) and Optimiser+ (AIO) is available to lend for 10$/day, before each use they will sanitize the product for you.

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