Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My favorite candy shop

Whenever I'm in Bugis Junction (Basement area), this is a must visit place, Okashi candy and gift! I really love their chewing candy. Their taste are unique and chance seasonally. So I always make sure I got my stock of my favorite candy here.

The nice lady allows me to take a few pics of her store, all candy and chocolates, marshmallow and many others. She is fun to talk to and she can recommend new candies that just arrives or flavors that are limited.

Today she offers me some milk candies (hard candy) that just came. She said it is very good. Don't get me wrong she never recommend just about anything, usually she just stay silently at the cashier but if customer ask her she will happily answer.

Themed sweets such as Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh is sold here too. Making not just kids but grown up feels the urge to buy some of their collectibles.

They also sells balloon gas that can sing if you touch certain area on the balloon.

Above is my favorite chewing candy. 3 for $5.50. If you found what you like, get them! Don't wait because the next time you came by it might be gone already.

My favorite candy:
Hi-Chew Candy (Cotton Candy)
Hi-Chew Candy (Apple Candy)
Puccho any flavor any day :)

These are some of my candies bought today.

And don't forget these are candy so brush your teeth properly 2 times a day okie!

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