Friday, September 17, 2010

More on Vichy Cellu Destock

Please do read my previous post about Vichy Cellu Destock here.

I've done the 7 days test, 14 days test and now I'm finishing the product in the bottle which is just one application away. So pretty much 1 tube last a month for 2x daily use on thigh, buttocks and hips area.

The 7 days result is really good isn't it?! But how about the 14 days and after that?

It stays like that. The area still soft and smooth but the deep marks from cellulite on though-er area like hips and buttocks (unfortunately I can't show you any picture due to modesty) it does reduce but not as significant as I want to like on my thigh zone.

One area that also feels the effect is my inner elbow where sometime accidentally get the gels when I applied on my hips and thigh, please don't ask why, you will know when you demonstrate the application.

It feels sensitive, not exactly hot nor painful but red and a bit tingling, not tingling fun but tingling like a needle touching your skin (not penetrate the skin just touching, so still ouch a bit).


  1. dimana ya belinya ?tq

  2. Hi Anon,

    Vichy saat ini ada di Singapore, Perancis dan negara-negara lain seperti Amerika. Belum ada di Indonesia.