Monday, September 20, 2010

Beauty Credit promo

On Saturday 18th September 2010 @313 branch, Beauty Credit is having a promo 20% off and all purchase means becoming their member. They also served food and goodie bags to those who made RSVP. The sales staffs are eager to close the deals and even thou it seems like a fun occasion I can feel a lot of tension from the staffs there.

Picture was not allowed in the store, that's why I'm not showing any picture from the store but just the stuff I get. I do speak with a man that seems to be in charge and he said he will send me some pics so I can show you more of their products ^_^.

I've been using Somang hair products for more than 8 years, way back when I'm still in Jakarta, surprisingly now in Singapore it is known as Beauty Credit. I've been using their keratin shampoo since I like to dye, perm, and styling my hair in the way it makes it weaker. Keratin helps the hair strand to be stronger and I see my hair become thicker and less hair fall due to breakage.

So this is the first time I'm trying their facial products. I bought their NightWater Pack Herb Tea and Q10 Sebum Remover Facial Cleansing.

Here is my review on the products:

All of their tube are sealed, open up before using.

The Q10 Sebum Remover Facial Cleansing is thick and got this tiny orange beads that I mashed them on my palms mixed with water before using it on the husband face. Why? I bought this product for him since he does have problems with sebum and it's been bothering him.

The sales lady said (so many times) all their product can be used to any skin type and safe for use.

On the before take is my husband skin in the morning, oily. After foaming the thick cream I applied the foam on his face and continue lathering on. Washed with water until all products are removed. His face is squeaky clean but after about 5 minutes he said he feels a bit itchy and a few parts do become red. The circled parts is where the redness appeared. He said (after 2 days using the product) he will continue using since the redness is minimal and his sebum really decreased to a comfortable level.

I will keep you updated after a week.

This is another product that I get, a Night Water Pack Herb Tea that I used last night. Just after 2 minutes the mouth area and nose feels sting and a bit burning pain. So I immediately washed it off. That's why the picture taken now are from my legs (last night didn't even have time to grab a camera and took pictures).

The product is like a cream but feels like a gel, a pleasing aroma of lavender (I'm a big fan of lavender) bursting, the color is white with a touch of purple. When I spread it on clear water droplets is seen and feels refreshing. The skin feels smooth and hydrated. Easily absorb and the scent of lavender still linger for more that 1 hour.

A wonderful product for my body, I will still use it every night for my legs and other body parts that need hydration, I feel the product is better than body lotion since it gives oil.

Sorry, I'm not recommending Night Water Pack Herb Tea for facial use, if you disagree please do comment and give me some testimonial, thank you. ✾◕‿◕✾

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