Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Power Over Cervical Cancer!

I just drop by @ their office today and collect their goodies bag. Most of the stuff is usable but a few is expired.

Info about POCC can be accessed from their website, and
You can click on the POCC above to go directly to their website.

Basically POCC help to spread the awareness against cervical cancer. For me personally I know more less about cervical cancer and have been having myself checked annually by my gynae since I was married (around 6 years ago). But if you sexually active even when you're not married yet, please do have yourself checked. The test (Pap Smear) done is very simple and can save your life.

You can go to your family doctor or a gynae. I went to a female gynae since I feel more comfortable with a female doctor.

I get a pamphlet from POCC and there are some simple questions to assess your risk:
Have you had sex before?
Did you start having sex before 18 years old?
Sexual relations with more than 1 partner?
Ever had sexually transmitted infection?
Never have a Pap Smear?

If you answer a lot of yes up there or even if you don't please do find out more about cervical cancer not just for you but for all the women in your life (mom, bff, etc) you may save their life.

As for me, I am considering taking the vaccination against cervical cancer within this month, I'll keep a post for it.

Just an info:
Women's Specialist in Bukit Batok do have cervical cancer vaccination for SGD$160 per jab. You need 3 jab taken in 1 month interval and 6 month interval between the second and third jab.

So let's say you taken your fist jab on Sept 16, 2010, the second jab should be Oct 16,2010 and the third one is April 16,2011.

The vaccination can reduce your risk up to 94%.

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