Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fruity - Jelly from Maybelline and Juicy Tubes from Lancome

The Detail:
Juicy Tube
Lip Gloss
Ultra Shiny


The Review:

It's really shiny, just like what it claimed to be, fragrant with juicy kinda cherry/berry scent. Sticky, especially when your hair accidentally gets in the way, since it was colored I think it is best to use it with a mirror and a lip brush since with the tube itself can be messy. If the lips is not touch the lip gloss stay on quite long (like 4 hours still very moist), easy to clean and the 'balming' effect stay on when the colored wipe out with tissue.

The Detail:
Fruity. Jelly
04. Creamy Guava

The Review:
Pretty much the same with Juicy Tubes, the first difference is the scent which is citrus, and of course the color (because I picked the different one). But for the stickiness and how it feel on the lips is completely the same. For the shiny, I think the Lancome is more shinier and glossier. The effect also hold less longer than Lancome (after all they are on different range of price).

Depend on your budget and preference but both have the same feeling on the lips (sticky), scented (one is berry/cherry and Maybelline is citrus), Lancome Juicy Tubes is much more glossier, and last longer (for the scent, shine and gloss effect on the lips).

Both of them used better with a lip brush, can be applied over a lipstick for a much stronger appearance and have moisturizing effect too. The product is small, and easy to put in to the smallest purse.

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