Tuesday, October 11, 2016

TRESemme Total Salon Repair

Hello lovelies,

last week, I was invited by TRESemme for an event that celebrate their newest collection called Total Salon Repair.

The event invited many beauty bloggers and influencers with medias too. Asima Haq (Head of Marketing Hair Care PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk), Kieffer Lippens and Velova Vexia (TRESemme Brand Ambassador) are there to share their thoughts on the products and how they develop the idea of creating hair style and care at home on daily basis.


Current hair style and color that damaged the hair like constant use of hot tools to grey colored hair style. It's trendy alright but the hair suffer so much. Problems such as stressed hair, frizzy, flyaways, dull, severely damaged hair, to split ends and than broken hairs due to unbearable condition needs special attention, this is where Total Salon Repair steps in.

With Nourishing Power Ionic Complex, TRESemme Total Salon Repair help give nutritions and care for the damaged hair almost instantly. It helps the hair stronger and reduce the risk of hair fall (due to breakage).

Kelly Tandiono ( TRESemme Style Expert and professional model) said that TRESemme Total Repair has been her friend in caring for the hair to look gorgeous all the time.


After an introduction on the product, now everyone at the event can try on some of the styles shared. It was instant, brilliant and easy to do.


My hair is clearly damaged thanks to the constant change. I made them suffer and these formula can definitely help my lifestyle. Start from the shampoo and conditioner that smells so fruity and fragrant.

The cloudy milky gel shampoo lathers on easily on the hair. It smells so good. It helps clean the hair and gives them shine with perfume too. I'm not using them for my scalp since it contains ingredients that not really suitable for the scalp such as mineral oil and silicone. So, I'm using the shampoo for the hair only and use other shampoo for the scalp.

The conditioner has a thick, white creamy formula that made tangles go away instantly and add softness to the hair. If you happen to have damaged hair like mine, conditioner is a must. It helps in so many way, it calms, relaxed and made the hair looks like hair again instead of broom.


Get yours at the local supermarket and any beauty store near you.

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