Monday, October 3, 2016

Anna Sui Romantica Exotica

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A few weeks ago I went into a special event by Ann Sui. They just launched a new fragrance from the Romantica series with a dash of fruity and exotics ends, it is Romantica Exotica.


Arrays of 'ingredients' are placed on the table that represent the top, middle and base note of the perfume.

The top are: Juicy lemon, blood orange, blackcurrant bud.
Heart: Jasmin Sambac, lotus petals water, orange blossom.
Dry: Tropical gardenia, cottonwood, sandalwood.
With the Romantica fragrance from September 2015, Anna Sui painted a romantic and cheerful display of a garden in full bloom. The new edition Romantica Exotica has the American-Chinese designer evoking a tropical island full of exotic fruits and her dream of romance, freedom and happiness. The new fragrance comes out in summer of 2016, inspired by her holiday in Tahiti.
The composition is created by perfumer Jerome Epinette from Robertet. Fresh top notes of lemon, grapefruit and blackcurrant give an exotic fruit impression. The floral heart develops with jasmine, lotus and neroli. Sandalwood, gardenia and cottonwood remain in the base.
The bottle decorated with gold ornaments of roses and dragonflies with the stopper in the form of buds is now turquoise. The fragrance is available as a 30, 50 and 75 ml Eau de Toilette.


The ideas, the experience are explicitly described for every guests on the event. Anna Sui team in Indonesia are sharing every little details for the guests to have fun, there's even dance, but then everything has to be stopped since the event is outdoor at the garden and it's raining heavily.


Still, the rain wont be able to reduce the joy and happiness brought by the perfume. I was really sick that day but the Polynesian flowers aroma are just too irresistible. It has an intoxicating exotic smells.

Before going any further with the scent, let's starts with the design.

The Box
Romantica Exotica box is transporting us to a world of blossoms, palm trees, and tropical birds caught in the swirl of an exotic jungle. With turquoise borders, and a soft, subtle light at the center, you are drawn into the intense blue sky and colorful vegetation.

The Bottle.
Romantica Exotica bottle is distinguished by its turquoise gradient color on the glass and its gold deco. The cap is metallic in a gold antique finish to emphasize the romance. The blue color of the juice reminds us of the ocean color and all the beauties endless summer has to offer. A rare combination of Art Nouveau, and densely packed flowers that suggest an energy, a radiance about to happen. The pure joy all exotic flowers instill.

The Fragrance
Relax on the warm sandy beaches of paradise as the glistening sun shines through the palms. The tropical freshness of citrus fruits mingles with gorgeous exotic flowers as you relish the salty mist of the clear blue ocean. Rich woods linger for an everlasting memory of romance and happiness.


Here's how Anna Sui describe Romantica Exotica.

"Like most people, my initial fantasies of Tahiti were inspired by Hollywood movies. for me though, I also had a personal connection. A branch of my Father's family lived in Papette, where they opened stores. As a child looked forward to yearly Christmas gift boxes from Tahiti, so my vision of an exotic Polynesia was already developed before I left on summer vacation with my family.

Of course the reality, of being there surpassed any preconceived expectations. The entire culture is singularly concerned with Nature: the clarity of the water, the color of the sand and sky, the flowers, the landscapes. All inspiring and their connection to nature was my inspiration for Romantica Exotica."

I happen to follow Anna Sui on instagram, and she does posts about her trips. It is amazing how her trips inspires her in getting new ideas for the products. I guess it's true, traveling brings more than what it takes. New experience, meeting new people and that sense of adventure.


Romantica Exotica does transport me into an Island, a dreamy island where lush and beautiful white flowers are blooming everywhere. A magical elixir of an endless sunshine and summer happiness, effervescence to floral world with exotic energy. Fresh, aromatic tropical flowers of a beach life.

The scent lingers on me for around 4 hours.


The 30 ml EDT is IDR 600,000
75 ml EDT is IDR 1,055,000

Sold at any Anna Sui counters.

Thank you Anna Sui Indonesia.

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